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  • The Unchanging God: A 3-Lesson Bible Study


    The Unchanging God, a three-lesson Bible study, will help students realize that God’s unchanging nature leads to being able to express great confidence in who He is, that God’s unchanging plan has always been to call people to Himself, and that God takes an eternal perspective on our trials and challenges, promising to make all things right.

  • Stewardship: A 3-Lesson Bible Study


    Stewardship, a three-lesson Bible study, will help students understand that we’re called to see every resource we have as belonging to God, that Jesus modeled stewardship for us in His willingness to step away from heaven to purchase salvation for His children, and that living out the principle of stewardship means giving of yourself to serve others and God.

  • Suffering: A 3-Lesson Bible Study


    Suffering, a three-lesson Bible study, will help students understand that while God is in control of all things, suffering is a result of our rebellion against Him, that God chose to step into the midst of our suffering – in the form of Christ’s death on the cross – not to remain distant from it, and that God uses trials and suffering to accomplish His purposes and shape our faith.

  • Knowing God: A 3-Lesson Bible Study


    Knowing God, a three-lesson Bible study, will help students move beyond merely knowing about what God has done in other people’s lives, and to truly know God for themselves, that Jesus is the most visible picture of who God is we have, and that knowing God is not merely a concept, but a truth that transforms who we are and our view of God’s mission.


First, let me say I really enjoy using my YM360 curriculum with our students. The studies don't shy away from the tough subjects but are also super relatable for our students. The organization of the lessons and helpful tips is a huge asset to our teachers as well. They allow our teachers who don't have a seminary degree to feel comfortable teaching the Bible.


Thank you for the teachings you provide. Our youth have been growing deeper and deeper each week! Through doing these teachings, I have watched as our leaders, as well as the youth, have matured in Christ, and it has been great to watch! The youth come each week ready to learn which has been so encouraging to me as a leader.


Let me say that my leaders (and students) are really enjoying our YM360 Bible study series. Its really practical and my leaders are finding it easy to teach!