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Youth Pastors Using Zoom

"Is this thing on?" - You (probably)⁠⁠If you've utilized Zoom, IGTV, Facebook Live, or TikTok, you may have encountered a few good things, aaaaaaand maybe a few bad things... Check out this video to see a little of both!⁠ "Youth Ministry Doesn't Stop" Limited Edition T-Shirts ORDER YOUR SHIRTS NOW

COVID-19 Youth Ministry Resources

These are trying times for those of us who are in the realm of youth ministry. Face-to-face interactions with our students have all but disappeared. Because of this, we want you to be equipped to continue to make an impact in the lives of your students, even if you can't be in a room with them.

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Youth Ministry's Covid-19 BUDGET RELIEF Program

Your call to the mission of youth ministry has not stopped just because the world around us is in chaos. In fact, it has become even more prevalent than ever. Don't be a youth worker whose response to the Coronavirus is limited because of money.

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COVID-19 Connection Tools for Ministry

Regardless of the length of time, it is a common thread that we are all dealing with reduced gathering size and huge changes. I am sure you are looking for ways to create connections and continued community. Below are a handful of platforms/resources that may help you as you continue to lead your students:

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Moving Your Small Group Meeting Online

Zoom is one of the best and easiest to use apps for online meetings, so you will need a zoom account. See the How to Use Zoom App handout for setting up an account and how to start or schedule a meeting. There are also some useful technical tips about the uniqueness of meeting in an online environment.

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Speaking Peace in the Storm

Many people have labeled the coronavirus and its impact as a storm we are all going through. You may be freaked out along with others, you know, but as Christians, our guide on how to respond in times like this is very clear – SPEAK PEACE IN THE STORM. Let's talk about how we can do that together!

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5 Things Teenagers Need to Know About God During the Coronavirus Crisis

As our teenagers navigate days of quarantine measures and infection counts (who would have ever thought!?), let's help them remember these five core truths about God.

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Unplugging: Tough Times Create Tough Christian Students

What does it take to toughen up a Christian student spiritually? The Bible is full of stories of Bible heroes who became heroes because they went through some tough times, and those experiences strengthened their faith. So instead of giving in to fear and panic, why not let God use this time to build up your faith and "toughen" up your spiritual nature.

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10 Things To Do When Your Children Are Stuck At Home

These are unique times. And they will probably get even more unsettled in the days ahead. Coronavirus has altered nearly every aspect of our lives. As adults, we find this unsettling. But the impact of the upheaval we see in our culture can have an even more dramatic effect on our children. How do we help them keep a healthy outlook on life? Let's dive in together!

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Dads: How to Make the Most of the Coronavirus

There are some harsh realities of the world we find ourselves in. Coronavirus has dramatically transformed our cultural landscape. But if we are looking for a silver lining to the social distancing and the quarantines, it’s that many of us are finding that we’re slowing down and spending more time with our families.

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Youth Group canceled? Take it to your students with Youth Group at Home. For Free.

On Wednesday evenings, for 4-weeks starting March 18th, YM360 is bringing youth group to you, right in your home. And it’s FREE. No strings attached.

Youth Group canceled? Take it to your students with Youth Group at Home. For Free 

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4 Unexpected Ways to Gather, Even When You Can't

What if I told you there was still a way to gather even when you can't? Rain, snow, or even the coronavirus can lead to service cancellation. We've compiled a list of options that is sure to keep your youth group thriving even when the room is empty. Let's dive in together!

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4 Tips to Improve Your Spring Break Mission Trip

J. Roger Davis and Zac Condie share some of their thoughts on Spring Break Mission Trips and how you can utilize a few simple tips to improve upon what will already be a fantastic experience for you and your students!⁠

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Why Games Bomb in Youth Ministry

Have you ever had a game that you've played with your students just BOMB? It is common and is something that is important to overcome in your ministry. There are 4 common reasons our games have come up short in the past, and I also believe there are 4 simple solutions to ensure it never happens again. Let’s jump in!

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The YM360 Easter Vault - Free Bible Studies & Devotions

Here at YM360, we know youth leaders wear many hats, so we create high-quality resources and life-changing events which equip you to spend time leading your students in meaningful relationships with Jesus.

The YM360 Easter "Vault" offers FREE Bible study lessons and student devotions, perfect for leading up to your Easter services! Download one (or all of them) now!

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5 Ways to Improve Your Students' Easter Experience

Easter is a powerful time in the life of every Christ-follower, but also in the life of your ministry. It's a time where we can build on the meaning inherent in the season and lay the foundation for real spiritual growth. But to do so means making sure we're thinking intentionally. If we don't plan to get the most out of it, we likely won't.

So here are five ways that you can make sure your students' Easter experience is everything it should be.

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Relationships - So Easy Even Your Students Can Do It!

Relationships are easy, right? That's why everyone has different types of relationships, and we talk about them all the time! The older I get, the wiser I become, which is why we need to share this wisdom with our students! So, what do these students need to know when it comes to walking through relationships well? We'll tell you today!

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3 Ways to Make Easter in Youth Ministry Amazing

The question we have to ask in regards to Easter is what can we do to make sure that we are doing our best to make Easter an amazing experience for any student that crosses our path. What an encouragement to know that Easter can be the front door for a student coming into a deeper knowledge of God. But we have to make sure we’re ready for the opportunity. Check out 3 ways that you can make Easter amazing for your students this year.

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It's Not That Your Students Don't Want to Know God

Very few of us will ever encounter students who, though saved by faith and following after God, have no desire to know Him. Much more likely, we have students who know God, who strive to follow Him, and who WANT to know Him more . . . they struggle to understand how. And maybe they aren't alone in this.

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"The Best Weekend Ever" - A Youth Pastors Review of Event Resources by YM360

Have you tried YM360's Event Resources? Here's an awesome review from a youth worker who DID try them and had a great experience.

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