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7 Things You Can Not Forget to Do at Your Next Face-to-Face Meeting

Praise the Lord; we are all beginning to see glimpses of the light at the end of this dark and isolated tunnel. While every city/state/country will open at different paces, we must start thinking about transitioning back to face-to-face meetings with our students. The planning and preparation that you do in the coming weeks will give you the opportunity to increase (or decrease) your impact once you get the opportunity to gather with your students face-to-face. At some point or another, you will likely have the thought, "when I see my students next, we will do X, and Y, but also make time for Z!" Which is a great thought! The thought of getting to return to a normal bible study, sermon series, or whatever your weekly gatherings look like is exciting! However, we believe that there are SEVEN different things that you CAN NOT forget to do when you...

How to Get Volunteers to Serve in Your Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Volunteers. For some of us, just reading this phrase struck fear into our hearts. For others, you’ve got your enlisting, equipping, and encouraging process down to a science. Regardless of where you find yourself on this spectrum, you would likely agree that adult volunteers are the lifeblood of a working youth ministry. Whether it’s a small group Bible study leader or the person in charge of the donuts, youth ministry volunteers are essential. That’s why getting volunteers to serve in our ministries is such a vital skill. We wanted to share just a few thoughts about how to find and keep youth ministry volunteers. First, make a compelling “ask.” The worst thing we can do when trying to get volunteers to partner with us is to call them to a task instead of calling them to a vision. The worst thing we could do is say something like,...

PROMOTION SUNDAY: How to Welcome New Students into Your Youth Ministry

We are talking promotion season with this Article and Training. It's a super exciting time in youth ministry. There's the excitement of new fifth grade students coming into sixth grade or your six graders coming in the seventh if that's how your youth ministry rolls. And if you have a Junior High and Senior High Ministry, this is a great season for your eighth graders now entering ninth grade to be involved in the Senior High ministry. Not only is this an exciting time for students, but also parents and adult volunteers. Taking a few moments of time today, I would love to connect about three essential pieces to think through during this exciting time in your ministry. If you're reading this and would like to watch or listen to this Article and Training, you can look below and click on one of the links. Let's get started!   What experiences do you have...

How to Pick the Right Sunday School Curriculum for Youth Ministry

I've been a part of curriculum development since the early 2000s. I've seen a little bit of everything. And unless you craft your own curriculum week-in and week-out (which is an option), knowing how to make sense of what's out there is not always an easy proposition.

I want to offer some guidelines for how to go about selecting the Sunday morning curriculum that's right for you. While there may be more things on your list, these are the most essential elements to consider when deciding what curriculum works best for you.

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Don’t Cancel Youth Group in the Summer

“Our church cancels our normal youth ministry programming during the summer.” I’m surprised how many times I’ve heard this from youth pastors all around the country. It surprises me because there isn’t a church I’ve previously served at that does this. We actually doubled-down on our gatherings during the summer months. Here is why you should do the same!

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3 COVID-19 Friendly Games to Use in Youth Ministry

With in-person gatherings happening more and more, we want to take a quick moment to solve your games problem for you. Here are three games that stand the test of time as well as give your students an incredible experience for your next gathering. Let’s play some games!

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7 Things to Know When Your Students Aren't Joining Zoom Meetings

Your students are tired of digital meetings. Right now seems like the perfect pivot point where BOTH you AND your students feel the same sense of burnout. Because of this, you have probably seen a decline in attendance as the weeks of quarantine and isolation have gone on.

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5 Mistakes You've Been Making During COVID-19

If you scramble in anything, in your haste, you are likely to make mistakes. Regardless of if they are big or small, they are still mistakes, and they must be improved to better reach our students. Don't find yourself discouraged and questioning why you're not having a sustained impact on your students’ lives.

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My Message To Graduating Seniors

Speaking to Graduating High School Seniors? Consider answering the “how” of living a life that matters, a life that ultimately makes a difference. This post by Andy Blanks passes along three important and practical thoughts for high school graduates.

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We're Here With You

At YM360, we’re here with you. Our office is open and we are ready to take your calls, chats, and emails. Whatever hassle is standing between your students and life-changing, gospel-centered resources, we want to help you move them out of the way.

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3 Steps to Help You with Youth Group at Home

If you aren't using Youth Group at Home, this week is a GREAT time to start. It's easy to use Youth Group at Home in your ministry. You are as overloaded now as you've probably ever been. While the world around us has stopped, we know that Youth Ministry Doesn't Stop. Invest relationally with your students and let Youth Group at Home serve as a catalyst for you to continue growing with your students.

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Youth Pastors Using Zoom

"Is this thing on?" - You (probably)⁠⁠If you've utilized Zoom, IGTV, Facebook Live, or TikTok, you may have encountered a few good things, aaaaaaand maybe a few bad things... Check out this video to see a little of both!⁠ "Youth Ministry Doesn't Stop" Limited Edition T-Shirts ORDER YOUR SHIRTS NOW

COVID-19 Youth Ministry Resources

These are trying times for those of us who are in the realm of youth ministry. Face-to-face interactions with our students have all but disappeared. Because of this, we want you to be equipped to continue to make an impact in the lives of your students, even if you can't be in a room with them.

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Youth Ministry's Covid-19 BUDGET RELIEF Program

Your call to the mission of youth ministry has not stopped just because the world around us is in chaos. In fact, it has become even more prevalent than ever. Don't be a youth worker whose response to the Coronavirus is limited because of money.

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COVID-19 Connection Tools for Ministry

Regardless of the length of time, it is a common thread that we are all dealing with reduced gathering size and huge changes. I am sure you are looking for ways to create connections and continued community. Below are a handful of platforms/resources that may help you as you continue to lead your students:

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Moving Your Small Group Meeting Online

Zoom is one of the best and easiest to use apps for online meetings, so you will need a zoom account. See the How to Use Zoom App handout for setting up an account and how to start or schedule a meeting. There are also some useful technical tips about the uniqueness of meeting in an online environment.

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Speaking Peace in the Storm

Many people have labeled the coronavirus and its impact as a storm we are all going through. You may be freaked out along with others, you know, but as Christians, our guide on how to respond in times like this is very clear – SPEAK PEACE IN THE STORM. Let's talk about how we can do that together!

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5 Things Teenagers Need to Know About God During the Coronavirus Crisis

As our teenagers navigate days of quarantine measures and infection counts (who would have ever thought!?), let's help them remember these five core truths about God.

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Unplugging: Tough Times Create Tough Christian Students

What does it take to toughen up a Christian student spiritually? The Bible is full of stories of Bible heroes who became heroes because they went through some tough times, and those experiences strengthened their faith. So instead of giving in to fear and panic, why not let God use this time to build up your faith and "toughen" up your spiritual nature.

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10 Things To Do When Your Children Are Stuck At Home

These are unique times. And they will probably get even more unsettled in the days ahead. Coronavirus has altered nearly every aspect of our lives. As adults, we find this unsettling. But the impact of the upheaval we see in our culture can have an even more dramatic effect on our children. How do we help them keep a healthy outlook on life? Let's dive in together!

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