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Make It Matter


Teach Make It Matter at your next event and equip your students to live lives of real impact.

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We're excited to partner with you to provide Make It Matter for your upcoming ministry event! This downloadable resource is priced based on your total event participants (adults + students). Choosing your total event participants will ensure you are licensed appropriately for content distribution within your group. Click SELECT OPTIONS above to get started!

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“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” —Ephesians 2:10

Everyone wants to change the world. But how do you define real impact?

Do you define impact by the total number of followers or likes? Do you define impact by being invited to the right places with the right people? Or maybe you define impact by achievements, where your contribution to the world is measured in trophies or scores. If so, here’s a hard truth: trophies and likes can make an impact, but not truly matter.

Real impact happens when God works through us. And when we grasp this truth, the way we see our lives and the world around us changes. Make It Matter shows how much difference a life empowered by the Word can make; how Jesus is the power source for a life that matters; how God designed us to impact the world together; and how trusting in God’s plan is the key to real impact.

Teach Make It Matter to your students and equip them to live a life of real impact.

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A Complete Event Solution:

4 Small Group Bible Study Lessons

Streamlined, complete, and easy-to-teach Bible study lessons for your volunteer leaders with teacher prep videos

4 Large Group Sermon Outlines

Sermon outlines ensure God's Word is the focus of your event. Choose from simple or detailed options for your speaker to follow.

A Complete Media Package

Session videos to kick off and wrap up your weekend, background loops, presentation images, a countdown clock, artwork and more

Student Bible Study Guide

An essential component for your students to experience maximum impact as it is their small group Bible study material.

4 Devotions for Your Students

Perfect for creating quiet time moments throughout your weekend and are included as part of our Student Bible Study Guides

4-Week, Follow-Up Devotional Journal

Keep your students in God’s Word following your event with our 4-week daily devotional journals as they study God’s Word on their own

Event-Themed T-Shirts

Our classic theme-designed shirts are ready to ship and help you round out a complete event experience for your students

Option for Custom-Designed T-Shirts

For a custom fee, our designers can create something unique to your group

Session Overview

Session 1: The Word of God

What We Want Students to Learn: That a life of real impact flows out of the Word working in and through our lives.

Scripture: Peter and John before the Council (Acts 4:1-13)

Supporting Scripture: Psalm 1:1-2 and 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Session Snapshot: In this session, you’ll look at a narrative from Acts where Peter and John make a bold stand for their faith. The religious leaders’ reaction to them reminds us of a key truth: when we spend time in relationship with God, we are never the same. We don’t have the same luxury as Peter and John. We can’t hang out personally with Jesus. But we can be transformed by seeking God through His Word. In order to live a life that matters, God’s Word has to work in us and through us. This lesson challenges your students to embrace this truth.

Session 2: The Work of God

What We Want Students to Learn: That a life of real impact is only possible because of the work Jesus did and continues to do through us. 

Narrative Scripture: Paul recounting his transformation story (1 Corinthians 15:1-11) 

Supporting Scripture: Romans 10:9-13 and Ephesians 2:8-10 

Session Snapshot: Paul made an impact before Jesus. A big one. But it was the wrong kind of impact. It wasn’t REAL impact. But when he was saved by faith in Christ, his impact was set on the right course. His life mattered, all because of the work Jesus did in and through Paul’s life. We will look at Paul’s writings as a guy who was radically transformed by the work of salvation in his life. Then we’ll focus on Romans 10:9-13 as we discover the means of salvation, and Ephesians 2:8-10 as proof that Jesus’ work empowers REAL impact.

Session 3: The Way of God

What We Want Students to Learn: That a life of real impact is empowered by Gospel-centered friendships. 

Narrative Scripture: Paul mentioning his “friends in ministry” (Romans 16) 

Supporting Scripture: Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 and John 15:12-14 

Session Snapshot: Romans 16 may at first seem like an unlikely passage to do a Bible study on. But it’s actually a super cool case study in what it looks like to live a life of meaning alongside others. Paul reminds us of a truth that is easy to miss: God created us to be in community with each other. Friendships are an invaluable blessing given by God to help us on our way. This session will help your students see this and challenge them to commit to seeing friendships as part of their life of impact.

Session 4: The Will of God

What We Want Students to Learn: That a life of real impact is found through living out God’s will for us. 

Primary Scripture: Genesis 12:1-9 

Supporting Scripture: Romans 12:1-2 and Proverbs 3:5-6 

Session Snapshot: When we understand that God is working around and in us, we gain insight into what God's will for our lives is. We will look at Abraham and God's unique calling to go. Abraham isn't given a where, but he simply goes. Abraham’s trust allowed him to be a part of something so amazing. Our trust empowers God’s plan for our life. There is a world we are called to move towards beyond this experience, and we will use our lives to make it matter!

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    Interactive Student Book

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    Interactive Student Book

    Follow-Up Devotional Journal

    Themed T-shirt

Or Buy Student Resources Individually:

The Make It Matter Student Book is an essential component of your youth ministry event. It serves as the guide for how your students will grow and progress through the weekend. It goes hand-in-hand with your small group lesson plans.

Your youth ministry event is a transformative experience for your students. Equip them to go much deeper in their spiritual journey with the Make It Matter Follow Up Journal. Four weeks of interactive, Bible-centered, and application-oriented content.

These authentic, themed shirts are the hardest part of your event made easier. No more stressing out over all the details. Just give us your sizes and these will show up at your door in no time.


Study and Lesson Overviews

Study and Lesson Overviews

Download a printable overview of Make It Matter and the four lessons included.

Download Overview (PDF)
Sample Lesson and Features

Sample Lesson and Features

Download the first lesson's small group leader guide, Student Book preview, and a lesson overview.

Download Sample (PDF)

Media Previews

  • Opening Session Video

    Motion Loop

    Teacher Prep Videos
    Four total teacher prep videos are included (one for each lesson).

  • Closing Session Video

    Countdown Clock