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Why Senior Adults Are Important to Your Ministry and How to Involve Them

Senior Adults range from some of the nicest people you will meet in the church to well some of the most difficult people you will deal with. Here are a few thoughts on why they are so crucial to your ministry even though your title may be Youth Pastor.

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All World-views are Not Equal

The answers to these questions form your worldview. All of us have a worldview picture- at least a rudimentary one- forming in our minds, even if we are not consciously aware of it. Every religion tells a story of reality. Every philosophy and every individual outlook on life is a take on the way someone thinks the world actually is. There is no escaping it. These stories are meant to bring order to our beliefs, to explain the "pieces" of reality that we encounter in life, whether big things or little things, important or inconsequential.

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Billy Graham Could Have Been in Your Youth Ministry

This week as we celebrate the life and legacy of Rev. Graham and his ministry, do not forget it began as a teenage convert before leading to being the world's best known (and maybe most impactful) evangelist. If you work with students in any capacity, I encourage you to remember the opportunity of influence that you have. Look around at the faces of the students you interact with and just imagine the potential for impact. The possibilities are endless of what God can do with a young man or young woman that fully surrenders their life and focus on Him. 

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The Purpose of Games in Your Ministry

How can singing llamas fit in with worship and a sermon? You’d be surprised. Games, if done right, have a fantastic purpose in youth ministry. I’ve been creating youth ministry games for a decade, and I’ve seen a common trend. Read on as Parker Stetch has heard from tons of youth workers who fall into one of three camps when it comes to games in their ministry.

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Merry Christmas From Your YM360 Family

It is our joy to serve you in the name of Jesus. Merry Christmas.

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3 Ways to Incorporate Creative Elements This Christmas

Growing up in a church where my mother was leading the drama ministry meant that I played Jesus every single year. And I do mean Every. Single. Year.

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Arrival Has Arrived

Check out this video with Terrance, Lee, and Lindsey as they are working hard to ship out copies of Arrival. Have you ordered your students copies yet? They are almost sold out.

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3 Scriptures for a Tragedy like the One in Sutherland Springs

With a tragedy like the one First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas what passages can you share with your students?

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Is there an absolute moral truth based on the Word of God?

When asked, "Is there an absolute moral truth based on the word of God?" 91% of respondents said, yes. Furthermore, 93% of students said they believed the Bible was accurate in all it teaches.

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6 Things That Happen When a Group Shares Its Faith

What happens when a youth group begins to focus on relational evangelism? Some pretty amazing things! 6 things that happen when a youth group shares its faith: Students Go Deeper - Risk taking helps teenagers learn deeper and faster. Your teenagers will master what they believe because they need to articulate it to their peers. Read them all.

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You Should Consider Making the Life Your Curriculum

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am super pumped about this study for a number of reasons. Primarily, I think it paints an awesome picture of what it means to be a follower of Christ. But there are more than a few other reasons I believe The Life is a curriculum you should seriously consider.

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College Football is Back

At YM360, we love our College Football. On Fridays in the Fall, you’ll see all sorts of team spirit represented. Auburn, Tennessee, Baylor, Auburn, Arizona, Mississippi State, Troy . . . Did we mention Auburn? And while we (mostly) keep it civil, Mondays in the Fall are full of hallway chatter about the weekend’s games. (Especially from our Creative Director, Erin Moon, a veritable tsunami of football passion.)

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What Christmas Teaches Us About God's Plan

ym360 Contributor Richard Parker shares a great word of encouragement about how Christmas helps us make sense of how God works.

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Our Newest 52-week Bible study

I am extremely excited about our newest 52-week Bible study, The Life. What gets me so excited is how this study gives students a comprehensive look at what it means to follow Jesus. I love helping students define what it looks like to live as a Christ-follower. Read More.

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Filling the Bleachers

We have all had those backyard moments when we are imagining the closing seconds of the game in the sport of our choosing. The moment when we score the decisive points to win the game and we make our victory run with our arms lifted high into the air while the crowd goes wild. How sweet it is!

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Graduation Season is Upon Us

It’s that time of year, again. Graduation season is upon us, and for youth workers, this season will be spent at multiple graduations, graduation parties, and preparing for the “graduation” from youth group. There is no doubt that this is an exciting time of the year. As you look back at the countless hours invested in each student, you pray that he/she will continue in church, seek the Lord, and mature in the faith.

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Flashback Friday (Aug 21): This Week's Links From The Youth Ministry Blogosphere

Flashback Friday is your weekly run-down of the best youth ministry blog posts from across the Internet.

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Why Are Your Friends So Old?

Most of us are regulars and our order is known before we have time to speak it. As we sat there enjoying both the ministry of small talk and pondering some of God’s goodness, Bailey began to notice something about the people I was exchanging hellos with— they were all older than me. She asked, “Who was that? How do you know him?” I responded, “That is my friend Dave. We go to church together. And that’s Hamilton, we see each other here at least once a week if not more. Oh, and that’s my friend Anna, she stops in on her way to work down the street.”

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Frontline Testimonies on The Pray For Me Campaign

We asked two youth pastors the question, “How has the Pray for Me Campaign impacted your youth ministry?” Their responses were powerful. So we thought we’d share them in their entirety with you.

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5 Benefits of Utilizing the Pray for Me Campaign in Your Youth Ministry

Recently I wrote a post about the Pray for Me Campaign being the secret sauce of Intergenerational Ministry. In that post, I wrote about the combination of three ingredients that set the stage for life-giving intergenerational relationships. I would like to follow up with a focus on the five benefits that flow directly from the implementing of the Pray for Me Campaign.

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