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Vivid: A 6-lesson Study On The Book Of James


Vivid: A 6-lesson Study On The Book Of James

Do your students' lives reflect their beliefs? The Book of James calls us to live a life that looks like Christ. In a word, James is a book of action. James calls his readers to live a life of vivid faith! Help them know how.

VIVID will challenge your students to evaluate their faith and their actions, to identify where the two don't match up, and to prayerfully make the necessary changes to live a life of vivid faith.

More On Vivid:

Vivid Lesson Overviews:

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Vivid Is Ideal For:
•    Your weekly large group youth gathering
•    Small group Bible studies
•    Sunday mornings, and much more

You Should Know:
•    Vivid includes some incredible features; sample them all below.
•    Depending on teaching style, you'll get 30-40 minutes out of each lesson.
•    Vivid is not a video-based curriculum. The heart of Vivid is you (or a leader) teaching the Bible to students using the Vivid curriculum.

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Resource previews, samples, and more

Vivid Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan + Student Guide

Each Vivid lesson features a biblically solid, highly interactive Lesson Plan complete with Bible Background and Student Guide. (Word version also included)

Download Sample (pdf)

Lesson Media

Each lesson in Vivid includes interactive media of some sort. Three of Vivid’s six lessons begin with a short illustration video like this one to grab your students’ attention and get them ready to engage with the lesson.

PowerPoint Slideshows
PowerPoint Slideshows

Each Vivid lesson comes with an editable PowerPoint slideshow so you can tailor your presentation to any changes you make in the Lesson Plan.

Devotional Content
Devotional Content

Vivid features 12 e-votions, short devotions designed for easy posting on Facebook, youth group Websites, your blog, or Facebook messaging to students. (printable versions also included)

Parent Pages
Parent Pages

Partnering with your students’ parents to disciple their children is vital. That’s why Vivid is complete with Parent Pages in Word and PDF format for each lesson.

Teacher Prep Videos

Each Vivid lesson features a Teacher Prep Video, short videos that guide your teachers in exactly what to focus on in their lesson preparation.

Memory Verse Cards
Memory Verse Cards

Vivid includes a one-page PDF of creatively designed memory verse cards that correspond with each of the six lessons.

Promotional Artwork
Promotional Artwork

Vivid comes with digital files to help you promote your six-week study on the web or around your church.

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