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[Video Training] Preteen/Middle School Ministry 101


Ministry to a middle school audience is challenging and extremely rewarding. This is the phase of life where questions are being asked, doubts are being processed, and brains are being hard-wired. In these three training sessions, Kevin and Ethan will dispel some of the myths and stigmas that come with working with middle schoolers, and they will walk you through some ways to fully lean into your middle school students.

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    Kevin is a student ministry veteran of over twenty years, a ministry coach, a cancer survivor, and a true believer in the TCU Hypnotoad. He moved to Fort Worth in 1998 to attend TCU. That’s where he met his wife, Kara, and they were married in 2002. Kevin is currently the 5th-8th grade Pastor at Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth, Texas where he oversees the preteen and student ministry across their three campuses. His heart beats to see teenagers find their identity in Jesus. When he’s not doing that, you can find him spending time with his wife, Kara, chasing after their son Knox, or practicing the art of smoking his own BBQ. You can connect with Kevin on Twitter/Instagram (@KevinLibick) or on Facebook (@klibick). 

    Ethan is the 5th-8th Grade Pastor for the West Campus of Christ Chapel Bible Church located in and around Fort Worth, Texas. At a young age Ethan’s heart was sensitive to the gospel, and he accepted his sinfulness and need for a Savior. It has been a continued struggle in his life to make more of Him and less of me, but God gives me grace every day to give Him the glory and not myself. Middle School is such a formidable age. This age group is special to me because it was at this age that I became a Christian. These years can set a new trajectory for their lives. We are excited to start laying a foundation of Jesus, community, growth, and mission. Ethan met his wife in 7th grade. He “asked her out” in a Home Economics classroom that same year. They ended up being prom king and queen together in High School. Then, eleven years from the first day they met, he asked for her hand in marriage in that same Home Economics classroom. Opposites must attract because Ethan loves to hike, camp, and run while his wife loves puzzles, Pinterest, and cooking. We have three kiddos and a pup: Theodore, Ruth, Walter, and Dundee. You can connect with Ethan on Instagram (@ethanwagner) or through email


    Session 1 - 26:46
    Session 2 - 32:58
    Session 3 - 34:36


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