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Proverbs Digital Devotions


Proverbs: Digital Devotions are a quick and easy way for church leaders to connect with families spiritually. Every graphic includes one verse from Proverbs with theologically-sound, practical application. It makes reaching families simple as you give parents on-the-go wisdom for life.This product gives you over 70 Scriptures to give parents and their families.

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  • About This Resource
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Send to parents so they can connect with their teenagers digitally. Post to your organization's social media accounts to help you encourage families online.
    • Schedule in advance using an automated system such as Mailchimp, HootSuite, or Remind and connect with families via text or email.
    • Upload the images to a Presentation Software such as PowerPoint and set the Proverbs graphics to scroll before and after services to give your students and families Biblical encouragement.
    • Post or text to parents between Mother’s & Father’s Day as a "parent's theme."
    • Host a theme on wisdom for a month and invite parents (and teens) into a ministry-wide study of Proverbs. Ask them to read a chapter on their own (or with their family) every day as you send digital devotions for encouragement or conversation prompts. 
  • How many graphics does each chapter include? 

    Every chapter in Proverbs has two graphics for each day, some have three, and chapter thirty-one has seven.

    Did you write Proverbs: Digital Devotions for adults, teens, or children? 

    We wrote Proverbs with adults and teens in mind. When they’ve been posted to social media, adults and teens alike have had positive and engaging responses. Parents of children can use them as prompts for spiritual conversations.

    Is the content geared toward a specific denomination?

    Our material is not specific to a denomination allowing us to serve a broad spectrum of congregations such as Methodist, Lutherans, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Bible, Catholic, Baptist, Nazarene, and more.