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Leading Without Power: 9 Paths Toward Non-Coercive Ministry Leadership


Hierarchical, coercive leadership should have no place in the church. But if we move away from those unbiblical (and ineffective) forms of power-based leadership, we still need to lead. In Leading Without Power, Mark Oestreicher explores—in very pragmatic ways—what it might look like for us to replace power-based leadership modalities with other approaches.

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  • About This Resource
  • Leading Without Power unpacks nine metaphorical job titles, with stories and examples of what it looks like to embody these mindsets and practices:

    • Competency 
    • Facilitator
    • Culture Evangelist
    • Mission Curator
    • Storytelling Host
    • Champion of Hope
    • Uniqueness DJ
    • Contextualization Czar
    • Trust Guard
    • Collaboration Guide

      Read it alone or collectively, with a leadership team (volunteer, staff, or both), looking for ways that different team members can utilize their passions and gifts to build a robust and flourishing culture of people development and values-based leadership


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