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3 Free Student Devotions | Plugging In: Connecting With What God's Doing


These three devotions for students focus on the question "What is God's mission?" and helps them see that we can't be on mission with God unless our heart is in the right place.

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  • About This Free Resource
  • Here at YM360, we love giving away resources that can encourage and support you. It flows from our desire to equip and serve youth workers. So, thanks for the opportunity! 

    Devotion Objectives: Being on mission with God is the call of all Christ-followers. Yet, God can't use us if we're not plugged-in to what He's doing. This free series of 3 devotions is a simple, straightforward reminder to students that staying plugged-in to God is key to being on mission with God. What is God's mission? To meet the physical and spiritual needs of the world. But we can't be on mission with God unless our heart is in the right place. These short devotions will help your students do just that. 

    Devotion 1: The purpose of this devotion is to both get you thinking about how sin can really hurt your closeness with God, and to help you think about any sin in your life that you're not addressing. 

    Devotion 2: The purpose of this devotion will lead you to look outward, to see if you are fulfilling Christ's call to use your life to meet the needs of the less fortunate. 

    Devotion 3: The purpose of this devotion is to help you understand that love is the key to connecting us to both God and to what He is doing in our world today. 

    Suggested Uses

    • Pass them out at your next youth gathering 
    • Consider emailing them to your students and parents to encourage family devotion time P
    • Post them as a downloadable link on your church/youth website or group Facebook page