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99 Things Every Girl Should Know

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Do you know a girl who would benefit from a book that encourages them in their walk with God AND speaks about the unique journey of being a young woman of faith? YM360 has a book for her! Instead of looking through resources that isolate the unique young women in your life or provide uninspired advice on how to fit in, give them a book that encourages them to stand out! 99 Things Every Girl Should Know was written by a collection of women that truly know the struggles and triumphs of being a girl that follows Christ in a world that does not.

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  • About This Book
  • You are beautiful, and you are of great worth!

    This book leads you into a discovery of 99 things every teenage girl should know—truths and ideas that can help you gain a clearer understanding of why they're valuable, meaningful, and loved.

    Unfortunately, teenage girls live in a world that says they're only valuable, meaningful, and loved if they look a certain way, dress a certain way, and behave a certain way.

    This resource is filled with encouragement, inspiration, and insights that will help teenage girls explore their beauty, their worth, and their world.

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Being BFFs
    • Shh...It's a Secret
    • Boys, Boys, & More Boys
    • Let's Talk About Sex—And Pregnancy
    • All in the Family
    • Seasons of Being a Girl
    • The Good News About School
    • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, What's the Truth About Beauty?
    • The Clothes We Wear
    • TV, Magazines, and Movies...Oh My!
    • Surviving the Digital World
    • Tweets From Friends
    • Hot Topics
    • The War Between Shopping and Saving
    • Just Plain Random
    • The Best Boyfriend Ever
    • Old-School Ladies
    • Women of the World
    • Why Being a Girl Rules
    • One More Thing...


Look Inside

Look Inside

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