To say that youth ministry can be challenging is an understatement. Few callings have as many variables. Discipling teenagers is tough enough. But what about the dynamics with the staff and leadership of your church? What about the challenges of engaging with your students’ parents? And let’s not get started on the way that ministry impacts your family. Youth ministry is not for the faint of heart. Especially if you’re just getting started.

Which is why we're super excited to announce our newest book, "Consider This: The Youth Minister’s Guide To Longevity."

In Consider This, Chris Trent, a youth ministry veteran, passes along decades of hard-earned advice and wisdom. Chris is a firm believer in the value of ministry mentors. And in Consider This, he mentors you, the reader.

Consider This is packed with practical, insightful wisdom on how to excel at being a youth minister, such as:

  • Establishing and maintaining boundaries
  • Communicating well with students
  • Practicing professionalism
  • Establishing a great relationship with your pastor
  • Getting and staying organized
  • Recruiting Leaders and Volunteers
  • Involving your spouse and kids in ministry
  • And much, much more
Consider This is an essential resource for anyone starting out in youth ministry, and a great guide for anyone looking to mentor another youth worker. We're really excited about what this book can and will do for your ministry.

Want to know a little more about Chris? Chris Trent is a veteran youth pastor, ministry mentor, conference trainer, and curriculum author – not to mention an amateur magician. Chris has been involved in youth ministry for 25 years. The first 11 were spent in Texas where he spent eight years as the Youth Minister for Northlake Baptist church in Garland. Chris now serves as the Middle School Minister at Johnson Ferry Baptist church in Marietta, GA. He is passionate about helping middle school students understand that they can know and serve God in a big way. Chris holds a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Bachelor’s degree in religion from the University of Mobile. He is married to Wendy, who along with being a full time Mom, works as a Disney Vacation Planner for Yellow Shoe Travel.

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