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Teaching Students The Gospel Through "Exchange"

Teaching Students The Gospel Through "Exchange"

The Gospel story of Christ is, of course, foundational to the faith we want to see grow in our students. And helping students understand the richness and depth of the Gospel, and realize how it impacts their identities is a HUGE part of our call to minister to students. 

That’s why we’re super-pumped about our newest resource, Exchange.

In Exchange, we take a really cool look at Gospel and it’s life-altering impact through using this concept of exchange as a lens. We do it two ways:

  1. First, we introduce the Gospel is Jesus’ Big Exchange, where Christ exchanged heaven for earth, worship for ridicule, and ultimately, life for death. Why did He do this? So that we too could embrace the same powerful exchange: death for life.
  2. Second, we look at how Jesus’ Big Exchange sets in motion a wealth of additional exchanges in our lives, such as the exchange of . . . 

Self for Christ. Hate for Love. Comfort for Calling. Brokenness for Wholeness. Pride for Humility. And so on . . . 

Exchange may very well be my favorite resource we’ve done. The content is so biblically solid and immediately relevant to your students. Plus, it looks incredible. (Our awesome graphic designer, Brandi, hit a homerun with it.) Throughout, its’ ultra creative and as interactive as any study you can find. All in all, I think your students will love it.

Exchange is the newest study in our DNow Online curriculum platform. If you’re not familiar with DNow Online, it’s a “one stop shop” for all your content and administrative needs for a Weekend Retreat or Disciple Now. (The cool thing is that it’s so versatile we have people use it for Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings!) We think it’s one of the most dynamic resources being offered to youth ministers. You’ll be hard pressed to find better content for the value. 

Here’s a quick video giving a brief overview of Exchange



I really want you to check out Exchange because I think you’ll love it and I believe it communicates the Gospel to students in a way that is struly transformative.

If you want more details on Exchange or DNow Online, simply click here.

Be sure to check out the awesome Student Books and, my personal favorite, the power-packed Follow Up Journals. Plus, you can sign up for a Free DNow Online account and see why we think it’s so special. 

I hope you check it out. And as always, if you have any questions, let us know!
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