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An Awesome Approach To Helping Teenagers Own Their Faith

One of the most common issues that parents and youth workers alike face is how to lead and equip teenagers to take greater faith ownership. We looked around and couldn’t find a lot of resources currently available that both challenged teenagers to own their faith and helped show them how to do it. So, we created our own. 

NEXT: Growing A Faith That Lasts is an awesome resource that will help any teenager begin the journey toward greater faith ownership.

NEXT, written by ym360 co-founder Andy Blanks (author of NEW: First Steps for New Christ-followers and The 7 Best Practices For Teaching Teenagers The Bible), walks teenagers through a 4-week, highly interactive, ultra-creative journey toward becoming the primary driver of their spiritual growth. The goal is to help teenagers transition faith ownership from their parents, youth pastors, or other adults. NEXT can help then do this. 

We’ve made it really easy for you to check out NEXT for yourself. You can preview the video below to hear Andy talk about NEXT. Or, you can simply CLICK HERE to download a sample book and order copies of NEXT for your group.

One more thing! 

One of the things that makes NEXT special is that it comes with a free 4-week leaders guide that allows you to build a small group Bible study experience around the content from the book. It’s an extra layer of accountability to help students get the most out of the experience.

If you want to help your students truly take greater ownership of their spiritual growth, NEXT is an awesome place to get started. 


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