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An Awesome FREEBIE From Our Friends At LeaderTreks

An Awesome FREEBIE From Our Friends At LeaderTreks

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Our good friends at LeaderTreks are giving away an AWESOME free resource.

It's a great online assessment for youth workers to identify your leadership style.

See? Told you it was awesome . . .

Here's how LeaderTreks describes the free evaluation:

What's your leadership style? Do you value tasks more than relationships, or do you care more about people than getting the job done? The answer could say a lot about how you lead and how others perceive your leadership. We all naturally value one over the other; it's not wrong, it's just how we're wired. However, it's important to know which way you lean so you can make adjustments to become a more balanced leader. Youth workers who understand their leadership style are in tune with how their leadership impacts parents, students, adult volunteers and other church leaders. When you know your leadership style you can craft your interactions with key people in more intentional ways and you're more able to achieve key goals.


We love these guys. They do awesome resources, and this assessment is no exception.

To access the FREE Youth Worker Leadership Style Assessment simply CLICK HERE!


Hope you enjoy!

the ym360 Team

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