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Word Shark

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Word Shark is basically hangman, but underwater… with a shark. You enter your own words/phrases and the game will handle the rest. When a student guesses a letter, just hit that letter on the keyboard. If it’s correct, that letter will be revealed. If it’s wrong, one of three walls that separate the scuba diver and shark will lower. Once they get four wrong letters, the shark will attack… by launching a fireball from its mouth. 

What makes this a premium game?

Premium games are those that you can play over and over again as the outcomes of our premium games are never the same! Watch the video to the left to learn all about how this premium game works. Games that are "one and done" are a part of our Classic Game catalog and those can be seen here.

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  • Instructions
  •  Getting Started:

    • Before you can play this game, you're going to need to enter words or phrases into the setting's textbox. Separate each set with a new line (i.e. Hit ENTER on the keyboard). The longer your phrase, the smaller the tiles will be. So keep that in mind. A good idea is to stick with a theme. Something like movie titles or popular songs work well, but you're free to make it whatever you want. This is basically hangman, but with a shark. *You're limited to letters, numbers, and spaces. You cannot use any special characters in this game. **MAKE SURE YOU SAVE YOUR SETTINGS BEFORE LAUNCHING THE GAME. 


    • Launch the game and display it on your screen -- This games works best with a contestant. So bring a student up and tell them what the category/theme is. Then hit the, "Next" button in the dashboard to reveal the first tile set. You'll see a scuba diver and 3 walls appear. 
    • Explain that each wrong letter will cause a wall to lower. If they get 4 wrong letters, the shark will attack and it will be game over. Allow the student to call out a letter or number that they think might be behind a tile. 
    • All you have to do is hit that key on the keyboard, or press it in the dashboard. The game will either reveal each instance of that letter/ number, or you'll hear a buzz and a wall will lower. 
    • Everything is automatic, so you don't need to worry if a letter exists or not. Just hit the key and the game will handle everything. When you're ready to go to the next tile set, just click the, "Next" button, or hit the left arrow key. When you move to a new tile set, everything resets. So each set is its own level/game. Also, the shark shoots a fireball from its mouth rather than eating the scuba diver. Let that be a surprise to your students.