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Who Wrote It - Thanksgiving

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“Who Wrote It?” has students asking the question… “Who wrote it?” Before your youth group starts, have your students write what they are thankful for, along with their names, on pieces of paper. Take those papers and input them into this game. When you’re ready to play, just show each quote and see if your students can guess who wrote it! 

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  • Instructions
  •  Getting Started:

    • Before you can start this game, you’re going to need a bunch of quotes from your students. Since this one is Thanksgiving themed, we’d suggest having your students finish the sentence, “I’m thankful for…” Just pass out a bunch of notecards or Post-its and make sure they include their name at the bottom. It’s a good idea to plan ahead to make sure the person inputting these quotes into the game has enough time to do so. I’m able to do a handful in a few minutes. Open the game and click on the, “Add a Quote” button at the bottom of the settings section. A box will pop up with a space for the quote and the name. Do this for each quote and be sure to click the SAVE button when you’re done. 


    • Explain to your students that you had everyone write down what they were thankful for and you’re going to test them to see how well they know each other. You know your group best, so you can either bring up a contestant, or just have the crowd call out the answers. The first envelope will automatically show up on the screen. 
    • Hit your spacebar to open the envelope and reveal the quote. When you’re ready to reveal the name, hit the enter key on your keyboard. This will pull the card completely out of the envelope, revealing the name at the bottom. Hitting the right arrow key will remove that envelope and reveal the next one. You’ll know you’re done once the last envelope moves off the screen and another doesn’t appear.