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Free Short Bible Study | Hope: A Six-Week Study in Ephesians


For January’s Freebie Friday, the team at YM360 is equipping you with a biblical and timely message of hope for your students who live in a world filled with hopelessness, mirages, and false promises to satisfy what only Jesus can. This FREE six-week short study in Ephesians is perfect for small groups, large groups, or one-on-one time with God.

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  • About This Free Resource
  • Overview: One of the most powerful forces that we, as human beings, can experience is hope. With it, we are capable of doing just about anything, no matter the obstacles in our path. Without it, we quickly wither and die. For some, hope is a feeling; for others, it is an expectation; and still, for others, it is a desperate desire. For Paul, hope is something that can be found in Christ and in Christ alone. But to fully appreciate hope, we need to understand its opposite: hopelessness. 

    One of the most negative forces a person can endure is hopelessness. It’s a tornado of despair causing fear, depression, pain, suicide, anxiety, and so much more in its wake. For Paul, hopelessness is found in anything outside of Jesus. But, for your students who are seeking to find hope in all the wrong places, hopelessness is a prison of reality. 

    Paul’s entire letter to the Ephesians is about hope: what it is, how to get it, and how a person, a city, a nation, or an entire generation can be transformed by it. According to this letter, there is only one true and lasting source of hope: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything else is a false hope, a mirage that can only tease but never fully satisfy one’s soul. Religion can’t do it. Appeasing Roman gods or buying magic spells can’t do it. Relationships, success, wealth, political movements, medical advancements, sexual freedoms/explorations, etc., can’t do it either. Only Jesus and Jesus alone can provide our souls the satisfying hope that enables us to live in and through God’s amazing grace. And yet, so many of your students are starting this new year in the same place as they ended the last, wandering around in the dark of hopelessness and desperately searching for a shred of hope in all the wrong places. 

    How can you help your students find the hope they are seeking? How can you help them see that hope is more than possible but is obtainable? How can you point students to the one true source of hope amidst so much hopelessness? How can you equip and challenge your students to share this hope with their friends and family? Hope — A Six-Week Study In Ephesians is a tool for you to do just that! This theologically sound yet easy-to-use study in Ephesians is 100% FREE and will give you the confidence in knowing that your students are walking into a new year with a solid biblical understanding of their need for hope, their source of hope, the temptation to chase false hope in the things of this world, and how to connect with the only true hope that can ever satisfy their souls. 

    Using The Free Short Study In Ephesians:

    • Download Hope — A Six-Week Study In Ephesians for FREE.
      • Week 1: What Is Hope? (Acts 19, Ephesians 1:1-2)
      • Week 2: Why Does Hope Matter? (Ephesians 1:3-23)
      • Week 3: What Is The Gospel? (Ephesians 2:1-10)
      • Week 4: Why Be United? (Ephesians 2:11-3:21)
      • Week 5: How Do We Live In Unity? (Ephesians 4:1-6:9)
      • Week 6: How Does Hope Conquer Fear? (Ephesians 6:10-23)
    • Utilize the six weeks of material in a way that best fits your ministry context:
      • Print off a copy of the study each week for every student/adult leader to use while in a small group.
      • Teach as a master teacher and allow for group discussion.
      • Send a digital copy of the study to your students to use as a personal devotional, Bible study, or quiet time. 

    What's Included?  Each week students will be provided with the following. . .

    • The Text: we will use ESV with some notes to highlight things along the way.
    • Overview: basic information about the major themes, ideas, key characters, etc., within each week’s passage of Scripture.
    • Digging Deeper: taking a closer look at some of the more complicated things found within the book of Ephesians.
    • Bridging The Gap: connecting the past with the present.
    • Study Questions: each week contains the same six questions.