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Game For Your Youth Ministry - Sit Down If


Hey youth workers, SIT DOWN IF you are consistently scrambling every fall to come up with yet another fun and engaging game for your next Sunday morning, Sunday night, mid-week service, retreat, or outreach event. Anyone still standing? Probably not. That’s why, for October’s Freebie Friday, the mad geniuses of game science at YM360 labs are here to present you with something you have been waiting for—yes, even more than the start of pumpkin spice everything—a 100% FREE game called Sit Down If. This all-play game has been specifically formulated to be fun, engaging, easy to play, fully customizable, and sure to become a favorite that your students will want to play again and again! So, why are you still sitting down? Click that “ADD TO CART” button and let your friends from YM360 hook you up with another 100% Free game for your youth ministry! 

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  • About This Free Resource
  • Overview: 

    When it comes to creating fun and excitement in youth ministry, the mad geniuses of game science at YM360 put down their fall pumpkin-spiced lattes and headed back into the lab to formulate another 100% FREE game for you. SIT DOWN IF is a group game that is sure to be the perfect catalyst for igniting a chemical reaction of engagement and fun with your students each and every time you play! We started with the abundant element of competition along with some rare earth minerals of zero supplies needed and easy to play. Next, we mixed in a few test tubes full of fun and laughs. Finally, to ensure that our covalent bonds would hold and be absolutely irresistible to youth workers, we made it 100% FREE

    The game is extremely simple to play, moves quickly, and everyone can participate. The game starts with everyone in your group standing. You then use one of the already created slides (or create your own) to present a Sit Down If scenario. If what appears on screen is true for a student, they must sit down. The students standing continue to the next Sit Down If scenario. This goes until you have a winner. If you eliminate everyone, you can start the game over with a new Sit Down If scenario. 

    Using Sit Down If In Your Ministry:

    • Download the Sit Down If game folder for FREE.
    • Use the Sit Down If instructions to learn about gameplay and program it into your next gathering, event, mid-week, or outreach.
    • Use the multiple Sit Down If game slides that have already been created and/or utilize the included design files and fonts to create your own Sit Down If scenario slides.
    • Pick up some fun prizes for winners.

    What's Included? Summary Of The Game, Title Slide, Rules Slide, 21 Already-Created Sit Down If Scenario Slides, Design Files, Fonts/Linked Graphics To Create Your Own Slides.