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25 Rec Ideas for Youth Ministry Summer Camp


25 Rec Ideas for Youth Ministry Summer Camp is a free downloadable e-Book containing 25 simple game ideas to make rec at your next event the best ever!

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  • About This Free Resource
  • There are few things that bond the world together like recreation. Whether it’s a game of Dodgeball, Capture the Flag, or team-building exercises, we can all think back to some highlight moments on the rec field. Although it’s a joy for many, there can be a dark and stressful side to rec: planning. 

    It’s all fun and games—literally—until someone has to plan it. 

    Certain individuals have game ideas come to them faster than colleges asking for donations once you graduate. Others seem to struggle to get this creative outlet going, and we understand both sides. 

    Recreation is going to be a highlight of your Camp in 2020 experience, and we’re here to help. Download our free guide of 25 simple game ideas to make this year’s rec the best ever!