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COVID-19 Youth Ministry Resources

These are trying times for those of us who are in the realm of youth ministry. Face-to-face interactions with our students have all but disappeared. Because of this, we want you to be equipped to continue to make an impact in the lives of your students, even if you can't be in a room with them.

YM360 stands ready to crush whatever hassles stand between you and your students Check out some of the resources below! If you have any questions, you can chat into our team at the box in the bottom right corner!

- Team YM360

 Youth Ministry Doesn't Stop

What Are You Looking For?

 Useful Online Article and Training Posts

There are some harsh realities of the world we find ourselves in. Coronavirus has dramatically transformed our cultural landscape. But if we are looking for a silver lining to the social distancing and the quarantines, it’s that many of us are finding that we’re slowing down and spending more time with our families.

Let's jump in to how we can make the most of the time we've been given as a result of the Coronavirus.


These are unique times. And they will probably get even more unsettled in the days ahead. Coronavirus has altered nearly every aspect of our lives. As adults, we find this unsettling. But the impact of the upheaval we see in our culture can have an even more dramatic effect on our children. How do we help them keep a healthy outlook on life? Let's dive in together!


What if I told you there was still a way to gather even when you can't? Rain, snow, or even the coronavirus can lead to service cancellation. We've compiled a list of options that is sure to keep your youth group thriving even when the room is empty. 

Now is the time for you to hear these 4 ways and make a real impact at your next digital gathering with your students.


What does it take to toughen up a Christian student spiritually? The Bible is full of stories of Bible heroes who became heroes because they went through some tough times, and those experiences strengthened their faith. So instead of giving in to fear and panic, why not let God use this time to build up your faith and "toughen" up your spiritual nature.

Read today and take the unplugging challenge with your students!


As our teenagers navigate days of quarantine measures and infection counts (who would have ever thought!?), let's help them remember these five core truths about God.

You can read all five things by clicking below and reading this article today! Or send it to your students directly!


Many people have labeled the coronavirus and its impact as a storm we are all going through. You may be freaked out along with others, you know, but as Christians, our guide on how to respond in times like this is very clear – SPEAK PEACE IN THE STORM.

Let's see how Christ responded to storms and talk about how we can strive to do the same together!


Regardless of the length of time, it is a common thread that we are all dealing with reduced gathering size and huge changes. I am sure you are looking for ways to create connections and continued community.

Below are a handful of platforms/resources that may help you as you continue to lead your students:


Zoom is one of the best and easiest to use apps for online meetings, so you will need a zoom account. Read this article to learn more about setting up an account and how to start or schedule a meeting. There are also some useful technical tips about the uniqueness of meeting in an online environment that you'll need to know that we will cover together!


On Wednesday evenings, for 4-weeks starting March 18th, YM360 is bringing youth group to you, right in your home. And it’s FREE. No strings attached. Youth Group canceled? Take it to your students with Youth Group at Home. For Free

Looking for a Way to Honor Your Volunteers and Ministry Partners? 

Now more than ever, our volunteers and ministry partners are working days, nights, and weekends to ensure that our students are still hearing and understanding the Word of God. Use these cards as a chance to take a few moments and honor each of your volunteers and ministry partners today!

Have You Made Any of These Mistakes?

5 Mistakes Free Download

This season of ministry has likely been a scramble for you. While scrambling is necessary, it can also lead to small but problematic mistakes sneaking in.⁠

Download this FREE tool to see 5 common mistakes that youth workers have been making during this time, along with 5 quick and easy solutions to eliminate these mistakes fast!⁠

Utilize This Free Sermon Series to reach your students

Finding the time to prepare a Jesus-centered message as you are learning a new way of doing ministry during the COVID-19 quarantine is almost impossible. This Sermon Series will save you time with outlines, questions, graphics, and more so you can spend time virtually connecting with students and leaders.

 Financial Concerns during the COVID-19 Crisis?

YM360 stands ready to crush whatever hassles stand between your students and the life-changing resources they need right now. We've designed Youth Ministry's COVID-19 Budget Relief Program by YM360 for you when you're ready to get the youth ministry resources you need for getting back to your Bible study, discipleship, leadership development efforts.

Here's How it Works in 3 Steps:

      1.  Give us a call 888.969.6360

      2.  We work out a custom pricing plan for your ministry to get you the resources you need

      3.  Get your Jesus-centered, life-changing resources either shipped or digitally delivered to you FAST.

This program also has discounted the entire store in order to for your ministry to get the resources you need to keep your strategy moving forward.

    Your call to the mission of youth ministry has not stopped just because the world around us is in chaos. In fact, as important today as it's ever been before. Don't be a youth worker whose response to the Coronavirus is limited because of money. Youth Ministry Doesn't Stop!

    - Team YM360

    Additional Resources You'll Find Helpful

    There is a question that if you’re a human being, you’ve no doubt asked before: “Who am I”? How we answer this question profoundly impacts our lives. Do we answer based on our relationships, achievements, or even what we lack? Do we look to the world to answer it for us? The truth is if we want a TRUE answer to the question, “Who am I,” there is only one source that can provide it: God.

    Starting May 13th, Youth Group at Home will begin a four-week series looking at Scripture to see four people who, like us, are asking the question, “Who am I”? Not until they encountered God did they find the truth about their identity. As we encounter these stories, we’ll learn that we, too, can only discover the truth about who we are once we are transformed by God.


    Youth Pastors Only is the largest and longest-running online community for local church youth ministry leaders! YPO is hosted by YM360 - YouthMinistry360. Whether you're a full-time youth pastor, bi-vocational, or a volunteer leading a youth ministry, we're so glad you're here! You'll find immense diversity here. That means tons of experience, ideas, tips, tools, and backgrounds.