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7 Things You Can Not Forget to Do at Your Next Face-to-Face Meeting

7 Things You Can Not Forget to Do at Your Next Face-to-Face Meeting

Praise the Lord; we are all beginning to see glimpses of the light at the end of this dark and isolated tunnel. While every city/state/country will open at different paces, we must start thinking about transitioning back to face-to-face meetings with our students. The planning and preparation that you do in the coming weeks will give you the opportunity to increase (or decrease) your impact once you get the opportunity to gather with your students face-to-face.

At some point or another, you will likely have the thought, "when I see my students next, we will do X, and Y, but also make time for Z!" Which is a great thought! The thought of getting to return to a normal bible study, sermon series, or whatever your weekly gatherings look like is exciting!

However, we believe that there are SEVEN different things that you CAN NOT forget to do when you get the opportunity to return to a face-to-face model of gathering with your students. Some of these 7 things are big, others are small, but regardless, they will make for an impactful and celebratory time back with your students!

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