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[Video Training] Recruiting & Maintaining Volunteers


No matter how good your youth ministry is, people will be more prone to come on board, stay, serve selflessly, and recruit others to join when they feel like they belong to a group of people; rather than feeling like just someone who is accomplishing some random mission and vision. So how do you build clear expectations, space, relationships, and community when it comes to recruiting and maintaining volunteers? Join me in this one-session Masterclass on-demand to find out.

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    Laine grew up in Georgetown, Texas. He has been passionate about student ministry since he was 18 years old when the Lord first called him. He loves public speaking and building discipleship strategies for teenagers. He’s passionate about training, including, and equipping parents in the home along the way to be the best spiritual leader they can be for their teenagers. After graduating high school, Laine attended Texas A&M University, where he met Haley. In his own words: “[Haley] is the best gift from God that I could've asked for…and trust me, I ask Him for a lot.” After college, Laine and Haley got married in 2015, and he served in youth ministry in Graham, TX, for a couple of years before God called him to youth ministry at First Baptist Church of Marble Falls, Texas. Since serving at Marble Falls, Laine and Haley have had two wonderful girls, Emery and Nora. This means their house is full of nothing but princess dresses and Disney songs. It’s the best. Laine also likes to run and loves all things outdoors, camping, and backpacking — he is always looking for that next fun trip to take with his friends and family. Laine served as the Student Pastor at FBCMF before moving into the role of Family Discipleship Pastor, where he oversees and leads all discipleship movements from kids to adults.


    Session 1 - 27:25


    What if you could gain the practical skills you need to grow as a leader and thrive in ministry? 
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    Never feeling like a “ministry outsider” again

    Confidence in your decision making

    What if you could experience all these things? Now you can.  
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