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Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography


Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography exposes the many ways that pornography is menacing people, relationships, society, and—especially—our children. You will be disturbed, shocked, motivated, and empowered to make a difference after reading this book.

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  • In Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography, Dr. John Foubert writes about complex concepts in practical terms that will help you understand issues like how pornography affects the brain, how pornography is a recipe for sexual violence, and why you should take measures to protect your children and those you love. This scholarly perspective is well balanced by practical suggestions at the end of each chapter that gives parents advice on how to apply the information in their own home. It is time for a national conversation about what pornography is really all about. Foubert's book opens the door on that discussion and invites the reader to join the battle against porn with greater knowledge of its actual effects. 

  • Dr. John D. Foubert

    JOHN D. FOUBERT (B.S., College of William & Mary; M.A., University of Richmond; Ph.D., University of Maryland at College Park) is Dean of the College of Education at Union University and serves as the Highly Qualified Expert for Sexual Assault Prevention for the U.S. Army. He founded the national nonprofit organization One in Four which worked for twenty years to apply research to rape prevention programs on college campuses and in the military. Dr. Foubert has testified before Congress and has been called upon by the White House and all four branches of the military for his expertise. He lives in Jackson, TN with his wife and two children, ages 13 and 11.

  • Endorsements

    "I believe that Internet pornography is the #1 threat to the healthy development of our children today. In Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography, Dr. John Foubert equips you as parents to know what you need to know and have the tough conversations you need to have with your children about this menace. This book is a must-read for all parents who love their children and want them to grow into healthy adults!"

    - JOSH D. MCDOWELL, author/speaker

    "Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography delivers what its title suggests. In his new book, Dr. Foubert, an internationally known expert, uses well-annotated, up-to-date data and real-life stories to address subjects you never find elsewhere. But most importantly, parents are given real and practical ways to protect their children. Many of those helps are very simple, like the great lists of questions to ask your teens. This book will lock you in to protecting your children!"
    - RON DEHAAS, CEO, Covenant Eyes

    "Dr. John Foubert has written the essential parental guide to protecting children from pornography. The numbers of children who fall prey to the evils of pornography is staggering, eventually resulting in the destruction of personal and spiritual lives for many. In today's technological world, parents cannot prevent their children from viewing pornography but they can prepare them to deal properly with it. Reading John Foubert's book is more than helpful to parents. It is an obligation."
    - PATRICK A. TRUEMAN, President, National Center on Sexual Exploitation

    "Every parent needs this book. Dr. Foubert stands on a mountain of research to give us a clear view of the science behind the harms of pornography—especially for our kids. But he doesn't stop there. This renowned expert provides pragmatic steps every parent can take to create a safe and healthy perspective on sexuality for our children. This book is desperately needed. It's grounded, proven, and practical."
    - DRS. LES & LESLIE PARROTT, #1 New York Times bestselling authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

    "This book will scare you about your children. Then it will do what all good scary books should do, which is tell you how to heal the problems and, even more importantly, how to prevent them. The problems caused by pornography, which is now ubiquitous, will put to a lie that ignorance is bliss. In this situation, ignorance is catastrophic. Written with heart and intelligence, John Foubert will lead you through the issues highlighting things that matter to parents. The author is readable and comes from a place of scientific knowledge and real-world experience Don't miss this opportunity to snatch your children back from the pornographers who want to teach your children about sex without love and dignity. It is a battle that you can win. It is a battle that you must win."
    - MARY ANNE LAYDEN, Director of the Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology Program, University of Pennsylvania


    The White House
    The United States Congress
    The Pentagon
    Virginia Department of Health
    The Rand Corporation
    Lee University
    Eastern University
    University of Dallas
    Grace Bible Church (TX)
    Faith Bible Church

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