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Growing a Faith That Lasts
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Amplify: Growing a Faith That Lasts


Amplify: Growing a Faith That Lasts is a powerful 52-lesson youth ministry Bible study curriculum that equips students to grow a dynamic faith by studying core spiritual truths. 

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Go Deeper Than Surface-Level

Move beyond the fun and games and teach with resources that are centered in God's Word and draw students closer to God. Amplify: Growing a Faith That Lasts examines 17 foundational elements of faith, each using a three-lesson framework:

The Holy Spirit, Worship, God’s Word, Obedience, God’s Mercy, Evangelism, God’s Sovereignty, Suffering, God’s Righteousness, Holiness, Spiritual Gifts, Service, Humility, Knowing God (Knowability), Prayer, Stewardship, The Unchanging God (Immutability)

Your students have heard these faith-based words in church before. Do they know what these words mean—and, more importantly—what these elements mean for their daily lives?

Know Where Your Curriculum Is Going

YM360's Bible Study Curriculum is designed to exceed expectations and take care of the details so that youth workers can focus on what really matters—proclaiming the Gospel to their students.

Amplify: Growing a Faith That Lasts includes:

  • Access for unlimited teachers within your church, regardless of attendance or church size
  • Lesson plans with historical and Biblical background (PDF and DOC versions included)
  • Teacher prep videos for each lesson allowing your leaders to prepare more easily
  • Parent pages for each lesson to help empower your students' parents to lead their teenagers' discipleship process
  • After-lesson devotional and social media suggestions to keep your students connected to the lessons during the week
  • Presentation background images and promo art

We are confident that one of our Bible Study Curriculum options will meet the needs of your youth ministry, which is why we offer a 200% Guarantee. If one of our studies doesn't meet the needs of your group, we'll issue you a refund and allow you to continue using the material.

Speak Life Into Your Students

We know that things like plants and people need certain elements to grow. But what elements does a teenager’s faith need to grow? To grow a dynamic faith, teenagers must know God and His ways. They must understand what God expects of His people. And they must be able to see the world through the lens of God and His character. In a world increasingly opposed to the things of God, where can students go to find the necessary truths to cultivate a vibrant faith?

If you want to empower your students to grow a faith that will last, teach Amplify: Growing a Faith That Lasts.

  • Lesson Overview
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  • What's Included
  • Multi-Year Bundle Options
    Lesson 1: Putting Down Roots

    Lesson 2: The Spirit’s Promise
    Lesson 3: Roles of the Spirit
    Lesson 4: Living A Spirit-Infused Life

    Lesson 5: The Right Response
    Lesson 6: Responding To Jesus
    Lesson 7: Worship In Action

    Lesson 8: The Word At Work
    Lesson 9: The Word In The World
    Lesson 10: The Word And Us

    Lesson 11: Obedience that Leads to Life
    Lesson 12: Jesus, the Perfect Son
    Lesson 13: Free to Obey

    Lesson 14: A Merciful God
    Lesson 15: Mercy Displayed
    Lesson 16: Mercy Through Us

    Lesson 17: The God Of Relationship
    Lesson 18: God’s Plan And The World
    Lesson 19: God’s Plan And You

    Lesson 20: Creator King
    Lesson 21: Servant King
    Lesson 22: Peace-Giving King

    Lesson 23: It’s On Us
    Lesson 24: He’s Near
    Lesson 25: Through the Fire

    Lesson 26: The Good God
    Lesson 27: Righteousness from The Cross
    Lesson 28: Righteous Reliance

    Lesson 29: God = Holy
    Lesson 30: Made Right
    Lesson 31: More Like Christ

    Lesson 32: The Gift Giver
    Lesson 33: Equipped To Serve
    Lesson 34: Putting Your Gifts To Good Use

    Lesson 35: Life-changing Service
    Lesson 36: The Servant who Suffered
    Lesson 37: Living as a Faithful Servant

    Lesson 38: Humbled by God
    Lesson 39: Modeling Humility
    Lesson 40: Living Humbly

    Lesson 41: Known By His Work
    Lesson 42: Knowing God
    Lesson 43: Knowledge that Transforms

    Lesson 44: It’s Personal
    Lesson 45: Get Some Confidence
    Lesson 46: Follow the Leader

    Lesson 47: What’s Yours Is Not Yours
    Lesson 48: Jesus: The Ultimate Model
    Lesson 49: Living It Out

    Lesson 50: God Eternal
    Lesson 51: A Savior to Rely Upon
    Lesson 52: The God of Forever

    Each 3-Lesson Series is also available for purchase as a standalone study

  • Interactive Leader Guides

    Amplify features biblically solid, highly interactive Leader's Guides. PDF and DOC versions included.

    Student Devotions

    Amplify features 3 short devotions per lesson, provided in image form to post to social media, as well as printable versions.

    Parent Pages

    Empower your parents to lead their teenager's discipleship journey through weekly parent pages, available in PDF and DOC versions.

    Social Media Suggestions

    Amplify comes with social media suggestions to help you make connections via social media outside of your group time.

    Presentation Background Images

    Amplify comes with background images sized to fit ProPresenter, PowerPoint, or any other presentation software you use.

    Promotional Artwork

    Amplify comes with a printable poster file and web banners.

    Teacher Prep Videos

    Each lesson features a short video that guides your teachers in how to prepare their lesson.

  • Build Your Own Curriculum Bundle

    Mix and match our 52-Week Bible Study Curriculum options by building your own bundle and save $99!

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    The Foundation Series: A Three-Year Strategy


Scope and Sequence

Scope and Sequence

Download a printable guide with the 17 topics covered and the 52 lesson titles. Amplify is designed to be used in any order you wish.

Download Scope (PDF)
Download a FREE Lesson

Download a FREE Lesson

Download a free lesson. PDF and DOC versions are included for every lesson.

Download Free Lesson (PDF)


We are confident a 52-week Bible Study Curriculum by YM360 will meet the needs of your Youth Ministry. We're so confident that we're offering you the exclusive Bible Study Curriculum by YM360 200% Guarantee. Try the study out, at no risk to you today. You'll obviously love it, so you'll want to keep the study, but if you use it and feel like it doesn't meet the needs of your youth ministry, we will issue you a full refund on the spot, and you can even keep the study. We're that confident that you will love your study and that it will make an impact on your ministry.

What Youth Workers Are Saying

First let me say I really enjoy going through my YM360 curriculum with our students. The units don't shy away from the tough subjects, but are also super relatable for our students. The organization of the lessons and helpful tips is a huge asset to our teachers as well. They allow our teachers who don't have a seminary degree to feel comfortable teaching the Bible.


Our students are engaged with the lessons and I know myself and several other leaders love the layout of the lessons. You guys do a great job with making the lesson seamless.


I just wanted to say thank you for the teachings that you provide. Our youth have been growing deeper and deeper each week! Through doing these teachings, I have watched as our leaders, as well as the youth, have matured in Christ, and it has been great to watch! The youth come each week ready to learn which has been so encouraging to me as a leader.So once again, thank you for the teachings that have been so carefully prepared and structured for teens!


Just a quick note to say thank you for all your time & effort put into the our curriculum. I've used it for the last 1.5 years for our youth group here in eastern Canada & have been really enjoying it. Solid stuff, easy to follow & I believe it's connecting with the youth here.


Loving our YM360 curriculum! You guys are so good at building a whole vision and not just giving you a lesson! Thank you!


Our adult teachers are very impressed with the lessons in your studies, and the students enjoy it as well. Thank you for providing excellence in your ministry!


Schedule a call with Jake to take about your youth ministry Bible study.

Scope and Sequence

Download the scope and sequence for Amplify, a 52-lesson curriculum!

Free Lesson (Leader's Guide)

Get an up close look at a lesson plan. You'll get both PDF and DOC for each lesson with Amplify!

Weekly Student Devotions

Download the scope and sequence for Amplify, a 52-lesson curriculum!

Parent Resources

Partnering with parents is vital. That's why each week you'll have a letter to send to parents. Plus, you'll have an overview of the entire study to kick things off. You'll get both PDF and DOC for each lesson!

Weekly Student Devotions

Download the scope and sequence for Amplify, a 52-lesson curriculum!

Parent Resources

Partnering with parents is vital. That's why each week you'll have a letter to send to parents. Plus, you'll have an overview of the entire study to kick things off. You'll get both PDF and DOC for each lesson!