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The Foundation Series

A 3-Year Bible Study Strategy
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The Foundation Series: A 3-Year Bible Study Strategy

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The Foundation Series is a 3-year Bible study solution that will help students grasp the essential truths of their faith based on the powerful truths of God's Word. This series contains:

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Do you want to help students grasp the essential truths of their faith? Then The Foundation Series is for you. Over the course of three years, your students will learn the big-picture story of the Bible as well as dozens of core concepts of what it means to be a Christ-follower. The Foundation Series leads your students on a journey of faith-development based on the powerful truths of God’s Word. 

Year 1 of The Foundation Series is a 52-week study called The Thread: Discovering the Thread of the Gospel Through the Big-Picture Story of the Bible. In this first year, you’ll help students understand the narrative of the Bible and how God has woven the truth of the Gospel through all of Scripture. 

The second year in The Foundation Series is Activate: The Building Blocks of Faith, a 52-week study that equips students to lay the foundation of a lasting relationship with God through a study of the core concepts of their faith. 

The third year in the series is Amplify: Growing A Faith That Lasts, a 52-week study that encourages students to grow a dynamic faith by studying a variety of core spiritual truths.

The Foundation Series Lineup

The Thread: Discovering the Thread of the Gospel Through the Big-Picture Story of the Bible

The Thread: Discovering the Thread of the Gospel Through the Big-Picture Story of the Bible, a 52-week downloadable Bible study curriculum, will teach your students God's story and how He wove His thread of love through every page of it.

The Thread walks through the story of the Gospel through Scripture in four main parts, each with 13 lessons: 

  • Beginnings 
  • A People Rise, A People Fall 
  • The Gospel Come to Life 
  • The Gospel at Work 

Do your students really have a grasp of the narrative of the Bible? Further, do they really understand the Gospel—and that the Gospel literally courses through the entire narrative of the Bible?

The Thread is designed to accomplish two simple things: 

  1. Your students will learn the big-picture story of the Bible. So many teenagers simply don't have a grasp of the narrative of the Bible—key characters, key events. Few teenagers understand how these elements fit into the story of God and His people. The Thread changes this.

  2. Your students will learn what the Gospel is and how it literally courses through the narrative of Scripture. Not only will your students learn the story of the Bible, but they will see that it is a story of unfailing love, as God seeks from the beginning of Creation to draw humankind to Him through the grace of the Gospel.
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Activate: The Building Blocks of Faith

Activate: The Building Blocks of Faith, a 52-lesson Bible study curriculum, will help your students lay the foundation of a lasting relationship with God through a study of the core concepts of their faith.

Activate: The Building Blocks of Faith examines 17 foundational elements of faith, each using a unique three-lesson framework: 

The Trinity, God's Glory, Salvation, God's Love, God's Judgement, Grace, God's Mission, Discipleship, The Church, God's Kingdom, Persecution, Compassion, God's Faithfulness, Forgiveness, God's Presence, God's Knowledge, and God's Power. 

Do your students hear these faith-centered topics and truly know how it impacts their daily lives?

Anything lasting must be built on a firm foundation and the faith of students is no different. The Apostle Paul says that our very faith is “built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone,” and that our lives are being built to be a “dwelling place for God by the Spirit” (Ephesians 2:19-22). One of the most important things a youth worker can do is to help students build a solid faith foundation. That’s where Activate comes in. 

Activate: The Building Blocks of Faith helps students lay the foundation of a lasting relationship with God through a study of the core concepts of their faith. Over the course of 52 weeks, Activate examines 17 foundational elements of faith, each using a unique three-lesson framework. Your students will journey through such important concepts as the Trinity, God’s glory, God’s grace, discipleship, salvation, and more.

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Amplify: Growing a Faith That Lasts

Amplify: Growing a Faith That Lasts is a 52-lesson youth ministry Bible study curriculum that helps your students lay the foundation of a lasting relationship with God through a study of the core concepts of their faith.

Amplify: Growing a Faith That Lasts examines 17 foundational elements of faith, each using a three-lesson framework: 

The Holy Spirit, Worship, God’s Word, Obedience, God’s Mercy, Evangelism, God’s Sovereignty, Suffering, God’s Righteousness, Holiness, Spiritual Gifts, Service, Humility, Knowing God (Knowability), Prayer, Stewardship, The Unchanging God (Immutability) 

Your students have heard these faith-based words in church before. Do they know what these words mean—and, more importantly—what these elements mean for their daily lives?

We know that things like plants and people need certain elements to grow. But what elements does a teenager’s faith need to grow? To grow a dynamic faith, teenagers must know God and His ways. They must understand what God expects of His people. And they must be able to see the world through the lens of God and His character. In a world increasingly opposed to the things of God, where can students go to find the necessary truths to cultivate a vibrant faith? 

If you want to empower your students to grow a faith that will last, teach Amplify: Growing a Faith That Lasts.

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  • The Thread Overview
  • Activate Overview
  • Amplify Overview
  • A 6-Year Bible Study Strategy
  • Part 1: Beginnings
    Week 1: Introduction I Seeing The Gospel in All of Scripture
    Week 2: Creation and Creation of Man
    Week 3: Sin and the Fall
    Week 4: The Faith of Noah and God's Hatred of Sin
    Week 5: Abraham and the Birth of A People
    Week 6: The Offering of Isaac
    Week 7: Jacob's Ladder
    Week 8: Joseph and His Brothers
    Week 9: Moses and the Burning Bush
    Week 10: Plagues and the Exodus
    Week 11: Moses and the Red Sea
    Week 12: The 10 Commandments
    Week 13: Joshua and the Promised Land

    Part 2: A People Rise, A People Fall
    Week 1: The Period of the Judges
    Week 2: Ruth and Redemption
    Week 3: Saul and the Need for a King
    Week 4: Samuel Anointing David
    Week 5: David, Bathsheba, and Nathan
    Week 6: David and the Psalms
    Week 7: The Rise and Fall of Solomon
    Week 8: The Divided Kingdom
    Week 9: The Destruction of Israel and Judah
    Week 10: The Prophets
    Week 11: Daniel in Exile
    Week 12: Nehemiah and Rebuilding
    Week 13: Messianic Prophecy from Isaiah

    Part 3: The Gospel Come to Life
    Week 1: Jesus' Birth and the Shepherds
    Week 2: John the Baptist and Jesus' Baptism
    Week 3: Temptation of Jesus
    Week 4: The Calling of the Disciples
    Week 5: Jesus Heals A Paralytic
    Week 6: Jesus Feeds The 5,000
    Week 7: Peter's Confession of Christ
    Week 8: The Parable of the Lost Son
    Week 9: The Raising of Lazarus
    Week 10: The Last Supper
    Week 11: Jesus' Arrest and Trial
    Week 12: The Crucifixion and Burial
    Week 13: The Resurrection

    Part 4: The Gospel at Work
    Week 1: Jesus Appears to Disciples and the Ascension
    Week 2: The Holy Spirit and Pentecost
    Week 3: A Picture of the Early Church
    Week 4: The Murder of Stephen and Persecution
    Week 5: Paul's Conversion and Mission
    Week 6: A Letter from Paul, Part 1 (The Roman Road)
    Week 7: A Letter from Paul, Part 2 (The Supremacy of Christ in Colossians 1)
    Week 8: A Letter from Peter (The Priesthood of Believers)
    Week 9: A Letter from James (Faith Must Be Lived Out)
    Week 10: A Letter to the Hebrews (Pursuing Faith)
    Week 11: A Letter from John (Known By Our Love from 1 John)
    Week 12: A Revelation, Part 1 (The Wedding Feast)
    Week 13: A Revelation, Part 2 (New Jerusalem and God Dwelling With His People)

    Lesson 1: Growing Our Faith

    Lesson 2: God, One in Three
    Lesson 3: The Savior Son
    Lesson 4: The Spirit Alive and at Work

    Lesson 5: Glory Defined
    Lesson 6: Glory Displayed
    Lesson 7: Glory to God Through Us

    Lesson 8: The God Who Saves
    Lesson 9: Jesus = Salvation
    Lesson 10: New Life, New Purpose

    Lesson 11: God Is Love
    Lesson 12: Love’s Perfect Expression
    Lesson 13: Loving Outward

    Lesson 14: Seeing God as The Judge
    Lesson 15: Death for Life
    Lesson 16: Justice Patrol

    Lesson 17: A Gracious God
    Lesson 18: Ultimate Grace
    Lesson 19: People of Grace

    Lesson 20: What Is the Mission?
    Lesson 21: Jesus As Rescuer
    Lesson 22: Mission Accomplished

    Lesson 23: The Call to Follow
    Lesson 24: Nothing Less Than Following
    Lesson 25: Winning by Losing

    Lesson 26: The Big “C” Church
    Lesson 27: The Church as The Body of Christ
    Lesson 28: The Church United

    Lesson 29: Who and Where
    Lesson 30: Kingdom Now
    Lesson 31: Carry the Kingdom With You

    Lesson 32: Paying the Price
    Lesson 33: Because Of Christ
    Lesson 34: Our Attitude in Persecution

    Lesson 35: Full of Compassion
    Lesson 36: Compassion Revealed
    Lesson 37: It Takes Action

    Lesson 38: Faithfulness from the Start
    Lesson 39: The Ultimate Show of Faithfulness
    Lesson 40: Living Out Our Faith

    Lesson 41: The God Who Forgives
    Lesson 42: Forgiveness Made Real
    Lesson 43: People of Forgiveness

    Lesson 44: A God with His People
    Lesson 45: God with Us
    Lesson 46: A Perfected Future

    Lesson 47: The God Who Knows
    Lesson 48: To Be Known
    Lesson 49: Trusting in God’s Knowledge

    Lesson 50: He’s Got it All
    Lesson 51: He’s Over it All
    Lesson 52: It’s in Us

    Lesson 1: Putting Down Roots

    Lesson 2: The Spirit’s Promise
    Lesson 3: Roles of the Spirit
    Lesson 4: Living A Spirit-Infused Life

    Lesson 5: The Right Response
    Lesson 6: Responding To Jesus
    Lesson 7: Worship In Action

    Lesson 8: The Word At Work
    Lesson 9: The Word In The World
    Lesson 10: The Word And Us

    Lesson 11: Obedience that Leads to Life
    Lesson 12: Jesus, the Perfect Son
    Lesson 13: Free to Obey

    Lesson 14: A Merciful God
    Lesson 15: Mercy Displayed
    Lesson 16: Mercy Through Us

    Lesson 17: The God Of Relationship
    Lesson 18: God’s Plan And The World
    Lesson 19: God’s Plan And You

    Lesson 20: Creator King
    Lesson 21: Servant King
    Lesson 22: Peace-Giving King

    Lesson 23: It’s On Us
    Lesson 24: He’s Near
    Lesson 25: Through the Fire

    Lesson 26: The Good God
    Lesson 27: Righteousness from The Cross
    Lesson 28: Righteous Reliance

    Lesson 29: God = Holy
    Lesson 30: Made Right
    Lesson 31: More Like Christ

    Lesson 32: The Gift Giver
    Lesson 33: Equipped To Serve
    Lesson 34: Putting Your Gifts To Good Use

    Lesson 35: Life-changing Service
    Lesson 36: The Servant who Suffered
    Lesson 37: Living as a Faithful Servant

    Lesson 38: Humbled by God
    Lesson 39: Modeling Humility
    Lesson 40: Living Humbly

    Lesson 41: Known By His Work
    Lesson 42: Knowing God
    Lesson 43: Knowledge that Transforms

    Lesson 44: It’s Personal
    Lesson 45: Get Some Confidence
    Lesson 46: Follow the Leader

    Lesson 47: What’s Yours Is Not Yours
    Lesson 48: Jesus: The Ultimate Model
    Lesson 49: Living It Out

    Lesson 50: God Eternal
    Lesson 51: A Savior to Rely Upon
    Lesson 52: The God of Forever


Scope and Sequence

Scope and Sequence

Download a printable series overview for The Foundation Series.

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Sample Pack

Sample Pack

Download the sample pack for The Foundation Series, including leader guides, teacher prep videos, parent pages, student devotions, and social media content.

Download Sample Pack (PDF)

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