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Youth Director

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Grace Church, a healthy, non-denominational congregation of 400+ located in the beautiful mountain town of Salida, Colorado, is calling a new Youth Director. Grace’s Youth Ministry consists of approximately 40 middle schoolers and 40 high schoolers, with a local mission field of about 400 high schoolers and 350 middle schoolers. The Youth Director candidate will introduce students both inside and outside the church to the person and work of Jesus Christ and disciple them towards a life consistent with beliefs shaped by the doctrines of the Christian faith. He or she will also oversee weekly youth activities for 7th–12th graders, including Learning Environments, Community Groups, and other student activities. The Youth Director will work in joyful cooperation with the vision of Grace Church elders, deacons, and staff to move our youth one step closer to Jesus while building teams, recruiting, and delegating. The Director must communicate effectively with students and their parents, and have a heart to care for and provide counsel to our youth and their families, offering practical guidance towards fostering spiritual health and stability within the home. In his or her teaching, the Youth Director is to demonstrate a belief in the authority of Scripture and a commitment to hear and submit to it. The goal of the Youth Director’s teaching should be to instill the doctrines of the faith in our youth so that their faith might have a firm foundation from which to grow and flourish. He or she will train our youth for their roles in the church as they mature, and integrate them into areas of service. The qualifications for godly leadership found in 1 Timothy 3:1–7 and Titus 1:6–9 will be used as a guideline for assessing the character of the candidate. The Director must be in agreement with Grace Church's Constitution & Bylaws, sign Grace Church's Membership Pledge, and have 3–5 years of youth ministry leadership experience. Some formal biblical education is preferred.

Job Status: Full-Time
Salary Range: $50K - $60K



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