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Youth Director

Job Details

Job Title: Youth Director

Job Type: Part-Time, 20-25 hours a week.

Location: Greensboro, GA, A.K.A. Whoop-whoop! The fun train is pulling into Exciteville, and we want YOU to be its conductor!

About Us: We are a twenty-year-young church plant that is: Rocketing to new heights 
🌟 Glowing with passion to make disciples in our town! 🤝 Ready to welcome YOU into our family!

No experience? No worries! With us, you'll be growing your abilities like Jack's magic beans grew that gigantic beanstalk. We actually prefer no experience. We are looking for a candidate who wants to break in to ministry, but doesn't know the how or where to start. We believe in the power of discipleship, and would rather guide you from the ground up!

Job Deets:

If you're stoked about hanging with teens and guiding them in their spiritual journey in the most electrifying way – then look no further, this job's got your name all over it! With us, your passion for youth work will shine brighter than ever before.

Does this sound like you?

Fired up to work with teens 🚀

Ready for awesome on-the-job training with our fantastic Discipleship Pastor 👨‍🏫

A whizz at dropping iconic quotes from The Princess Bride, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars 🎥


We’ll count on you to:

Fire up our youth programs, working side-by-side with our awesome Discipleship Pastor.

Create an environment so fun it makes Disneyland look like Tax Day.

B.E.N.E.F.I.T.S. – Brace Yourself, 'Cause It's Rhyme Time!

In our place that's filled with cheer, you’ll find your calling here, Experience to gain, in sunshine or in rain. Connections to be made, as your path's being laid, It's about your journey, with fun and love, it's plain to see!

Job Status: Part-Time
Salary Range: A whopping 25-30k



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