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Youth Worker Sound Off: Is Your Senior Pastor Discipling You?

Youth Worker Sound Off: Is Your Senior Pastor Discipling You?

We're trying something new, and we'd love your help on it . . . We love all you awesome folks in the ym360 Community, and we want to host a little conversation with you. Here's what it's about . . . Yesterday I ran across a really thought provoking article on the Wayfarer Blog written by Jordanne Bonfield. (If you don't know the guys at Wayfarer, and in particular the move they've made to join forces with 3DM, you need to check them out. Amazing people doing amazing things.) We tweeted about it yesterday, but thought it needed a little more airtime. Here are the first two sentences of the post. See if they grab your attention like they grabbed ours:

For some time there has been a secret brewing underneath the surface of most churches we see around us. It’s that senior leaders virtually never invest in youth and college pastors.

Jordanne makes the case that one of the biggest issues in our churches is that youth pastors are more or less on an island. They aren't empowered, they aren't discipled, and basically, they aren't given much of a chance. We want to know if this is your experience.

  • If you're a youth worker, is your senior pastor discipling and supporting you?
  • Do you relate to Jordanne's experience? Or is your experience different?

So, as I mentioned, we're wanting to more or less host a conversation in response to the article we mentioned. We really want your thoughts as we think this is pretty important. So, here's how it works . . .


Click anywhere on this sentence to go read Jordan's article on the Wayfarer Blog.


Come back here and share your reactions in the comments down below.


OK, so this step is optional, but if you have the time, drop back in on the conversation later to respond to other people's thoughts.
And that's pretty much it!

We look forward to hearing from you and how you respond to Jordan's challenging article.

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