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Become a YM360+ User and Get a Complete Ministry Strategy Today!
YM360 Needs Your Students' Stories

YM360 Needs Your Students' Stories

Part of my job at YM360 as Creative Director is to tell stories. I’ll admit, this is one of my favorite parts of working here, up there with the chocolate-covered raisins and primo parking. The story of YM360 is a great one, and it’s amazing to be someone who hasn’t worked here for very long, but can obviously see the ways God has had His hands all over this ministry.

This fall, we started a new chapter. It’s called GENERATE, and it’s a camp experience for students, crafted by people who love them.

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably heard us talk about GENERATE and how excited we are to jump into this new aspect of serving youth leaders and their ministries around the country.

One of the things I’m most thrilled about with GENERATE, is the opportunity to share stories. Stories of students to encourage other students. We want to remind young believers that they are not alone in their struggles, or in their joys.

This summer, we’re telling the stories of students who were changed by one person, one moment in time, one experience. And we need your help!

We’re looking for those compelling stories to share with students across the country this summer and beyond. If you're a teenager, it could be your story! Or it could be a story of one of your students. We’re on the hunt for tales of how a student overcame an incredibly difficult obstacle and kept their faith, experiences with the Living God which left someone changed, stories of the legacy of discipleship, and so on. It can be from the past, or something still happening. We’ll take these stories, and by the grace of God, craft them into videos to encourage and uplift students all across the country this summer at GENERATE.
We need to hear from you, our incredible YM360 pals. Even if you aren’t joining us at GENERATE this year, here's a great way to be involved in building up the body of Christ.

The Process:

  • Shoot me an email at with a couple of sentences of the story.

  • I’ll respond back and we’ll set up a phone call.

  • If we decide the story works well within the context of camp, we’ll make plans to come to your town with a fancy video crew!

  • After that, you just have to wait until camp to see your story in action.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you all about how God used one person, moment, or experience to change your life for Him!
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