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What Goes Into Creating a 52-Week Bible Study

What Goes Into Creating a 52-Week Bible Study

As a Youth Pastor you are responsible for a lot in your ministry. You are the chief theologian for your student, the relationship counselor, van driver, games person, janitor, and so much more. Let YM360 help make your life easier by taking your weekly Bible Study to the next level with one of the Gospel-centered, Easy-to-Use, and Amazingly-Priced options. 


Below Andy Blanks and Jake Rasmussen share about part of the process YM360 goes through when we create a 52-week Bible Study Curriculum for your youth ministry. We hope that this will help you understand a little more about the intentional process we go through to create a Bible Study for your youth ministry.

You can see all YM360 Bible Studies by CLICKING HERE. Enjoy the video! 

Originally posted July 2019

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