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The ym360 Christmas Coupon Race

youthministry360 is getting into the holiday spirit with a one-day, Christmas coupon contest thatâs super fun AND passes along some awesome savings to you!

Use these amazing savings to stock up for your 2014 Bible study needs.

Whether itâs Bible study curriculum, training tools, gifts for students, or any of our other awesome resources, youâll find them at great discounts.

Hereâs how it works:

  1. Weâre making a limited number of coupons available, first come first serve.
  2. Look below to see the coupon codes and the quantities available.
  3. CLICK HERE to go to the ym360 store, place your order, and enter your coupon code. Are you one of the few who will get the 50% off? The 30%? Try it and see!
  4. Checkout to earn your major savings on biblically solid, creative, and youth ministry resources.

Weâll be updating the categories of coupons still available so check back here.


Good luck. Have fun. And thanks for letting us serve you. Weâre so thankful youâre a part of the ym360 Community.



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