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Summer Is Winding Down . . . Are You Ready?

Summer Is Winding Down . . . Are You Ready?

Part of interacting with youth ministers around the country (and around the globe) is that calendars vary pretty widely. For some of the youth ministers in the ym360 Community, Summer is just getting into full swing. But for many of us, the new school year will be starting in the next two to three weeks. (YIKES!) For those of us who find ourselves in this position, it's time to really start thinking about what's coming.

For those who find the school year rapidly approaching, you have just enough time to do some of those things you've been meaning to do since May but for whatever reason, haven't.

Consider this our friendly reminder to take the plunge, and get to it! :)

The start of school represents so much opportunity as we minister to students, but before the time comes, here's a loose list of things to help you get in the swing of kicking off the new school year:

Bible Study Stuff

  • Are you thinking ahead for your sermon series for this year? You've still got plenty of time to begin blocking out passages, topics, and themes.

  • If you utilize curriculum, have you purchased your curriculum for the Fall? The sooner you do it, the sooner you and your teachers can familiarize yourself with it, making any necessary changes, and beginning your preparation.

  • If you need to get curriculum to your adult volunteers, you need to go ahead and get hoppin'!

Adult Volunteers

  • Have you gotten your team together (however "team" looks for you) and set some goals for the upcoming year?

  • Have you started the process of finding those last few adult volunteers you need for this next year?

  • What are you going to do for your adult volunteers to get the new youth ministry year kicked off from a training perspective? What plans do you have to help them be excellent in what they do?


  • Who are the students that have fallen through the cracks this summer? Those kids with whom communication doesn't come as easy? Why don't you make it a priority to contact them and set-up a time to meet with them before the year?

  • Have you shared your vision for the new school year with your key student leaders? Have you asked for their input on any changes or insights that might be needed in your ministry? Now's the perfect time to set this ball in motion.

  • Have you followed up with your students on any experiences you've had together this summer? Maybe it was a mission trip, or a summer camp. Do you need to reach out to a student you've forgotten about or put off?


  • What's your plan to engage parents in a discipleship strategy?

  • How are you planning on bringing them alongside your efforts to lead and teach their children?

  • Not only is now a great time to be thinking about it, but to also to be making contact with parents about the upcoming school year.


  • Is your Spring-cleaning long overdue?

  • Could your youth room need a new coat of paint?

  • Is it time to throw out that old couch?

  • Need to de-clutter your office? A clear workspace is such a symbolic way to start the new year. Maybe you could even rearrange or redecorate to signify a new start to a new year.

Admin Stuff (Ugh)

  • Have you put together your youth ministry calendar yet for the Fall? Copied in the football games for the high schools in your community? Put down your retreat dates? If you do it early, you can email it to parents and volunteers before the year starts.

  • How do your roles look? I know, it's not fun. But if you can get a hold on them now, you can save yourself some stress when school starts and things get really busy.

OK, there's a start! What did we miss? What would you add? What is still left on your list to do to get ready for the new school year?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below to help the rest of us! Oh, and have fun getting ready for an incredible new year of youth ministry. (We'll be right there with you!)

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