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Introducing "Facing Your Fears," a 40-Day Devotional By Bethany Barr-Phillips

Introducing "Facing Your Fears," a 40-Day Devotional By Bethany Barr-Phillips

What do your students fear? What is it that keeps them from being all God has called them to be?

Is it insecurity?
Do they doubt themselves?
Do they fear rejection?
Maybe they don’t feel like they matter very much.
Or maybe they’re living under the weight of unrealistic expectations.

Whatever it is that your students fear, whatever it is that holds them down or keeps them back, they need to know this: there is a better way. God has called them to face their fears and lean-in to who He desires them to be.
And this awesome book is a great place to get them started. Facing Your Fears is all about allowing the Lord to reveal where fear has taken hold of students’ lives and putting an end to these strongholds.

In this 40-day devotional, Bethany Barr Phillips, a Mississippi native and full-time worship leader, brings together years of mentoring others (as well as walking her own path of facing fear) to craft a powerful, Scripture-driven experience. Bethany is a friend of YM360's, and leads in worship at GENERATE.

Facing Your Fears is ideal for:

  • Teenagers, grades 7-12

  • Young adults, college-aged

  • Small groups

  • Discipleship groups

If you’re tired of your students fears keeping them on the sidelines of what God wants to do through them, let Facing Your Fears lead them to a place where they’re able to actively engage in God’s calling on their lives.
To sample a week of devotions, and for information on ordering, CLICK HERE.

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