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Our office will be closed on 5/27/24. If you have an immediate need, please email our team at
impacting your community's schools through your youth ministry

impacting your community's schools through your youth ministry

As a youth worker I know you are passionate about reaching this generation with the love and message of Jesus. Why else would you do what you do? Your camp rocked this summer, you're getting geared-up to kick off a new year of small groups, and your Wednesday night services are going to blow the kids away this Fall. But, what about the other students? What do we do about the students who will never come to a church or church sponsored event?

These students are also known as . . . the majority.

On average, 12% of students attend church. Your numbers may spike to 20% if you are in the Bible Belt. Don't believe me? Talk to the churches in your community and run the numbers. It will shock and motivate you. I did in Birmingham, AL and it was dead on.

Knowing these things, we can all agree that public schools are the largest mission field in the USA. 12% of students attend Church. 95% attend School. Do the math.

What do we do then? What is our role? You and I are not in high schools 8 hours a day. We're fortunate if we're even allowed to eat lunch there occasionally, or to do a devotion here and there. How can we make the biggest impact on the schools in our community? We can reach the schools by raising up Campus Missionaries out of our groups, equipping them with the resources and experience to be successful.

Campus Missionaries are students who care about their friends and others who walk the halls of their campus everyday. Campus Missionaries have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They are interested in seeing Jesus have an impact on their campus and in the people they influence. Campus Missionaries are willing to do whatever they can to see that Jesus is represented in their schools. As you are preparing to release your Campus Missionaries back into their mission field, use the following talking points to heighten their awareness of their purpose.

To become a Campus Missionary you need to:

  • Have a desire to see your campus impacted for Jesus Christ.
  • Begin praying daily for the people in your school.
  • Be involved in your local church youth ministry.
  • Be willing to tell your story and how Jesus has impacted you.
  • Tell the Gospel story to those who will listen.

Campus Missionaries have the opportunity to do several things, but none are more important than these:

  • Live the life--The example of a strong Christian testimony is a powerful tool in the schools your students attend.
  • Pray for their friends and their school--Campus missionaries may be the only one who is praying for many of the students in their schools.
  • Tell Jesus' story--It all comes down to these students presenting Christ at school to those who need to hear the message.
  • Get involved--Begin or support an ongoing campus club or ministry on your campus.

We will never be as effective as our students in reaching our local schools. By raising up your students to be salt and light in their schools, you can truly multiply your passion to see teenagers come to know Christ.

Something to think about . . .

  • How are you equipping your students to reach their schools for Christ?
  • What have you tried as a youth worker that has allowed you to have a greater impact or presence on your high school campus?
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