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Become a YM360+ User and Get a Complete Ministry Strategy Today!
"elements": Helping Your Students Know What They Believe

"elements": Helping Your Students Know What They Believe

In January we launched Volume 1 of our elements Bible study curriculum. It represented the first 5 of the 25 studies that will eventually make up the line.

Well, yesteday was a fun day as we launched elements Volume 2!

elements takes 25 foundational concepts of our faith and looks at each concept through a really unique framework. Each study looks at one of these key concepts--concepts like Grace, God's Love, the Holy Spirit, Discipleship, and many more--in three lessons. Each lesson works like a "lens."

  • The first lesson looks at the concept through the lens of God's character.
  • The second lesson looks at the concept through the lens of the Gospel.
  • The third lesson looks at the concept through an ultra focused lens of practically living out the concept as a 21st Century teenage Christ-follower. 

And as of yesterday, we have 10 of these studies available! Between volume 1 and volume 2, you can teach your teenagers any one of the following concepts:

I'm pumped. I love what this line of Bible study represents for your teenagers. I love that you'll have the chance to really help them focus on the essentials of their faith. 

As much as anything, elements also reflects the strong relationship you've allowed us to build with you, the youth workers who make up the ym360 community.

The commitment to craft a curriculum that teaches these foundational truths started with you. We heard you telling us over and over that you want more for your students when it comes to leading them deeper in their relationship with Christ. You told us you'd love some help teaching core truths in a way that was deep, but still easy to teach, solid but still engaging and interactive. We feel like elements is all of these things and more. 

The feedback so far has been so, so positive. We love hearing from you about the great discussion and times of Bible study you're having with your students using elements. So, we're excited. And we think you will be too.

As we continue to roll out content, feel free to go check out elements for yourself.

CLICK HERE to learn more or to try a FREE elements study

And, while you're here, take a second and watch this short video:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Call (888.969.6360), Live Chat us by clicking on the link at the top of this page, or email us at We'd love to answer any questions you may have. 

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