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[Video Training] Ministry to Parents: Practical Tips & Ideas To Engage, Equip, & Empower Any Parent You Meet


As youth ministry leaders, we all have things that we’d love to do (know that we need to do) but often don’t have the time or clear vision for. Sunday and Wednesday are always coming, and the teenagers in our care need our attention. But what about their parents? What about the people who actually have the biggest influence on them? What are we doing to engage, equip, and empower those who God has called lead their children? In this MYM training, Family Ministry Pastor Chris Sasser will share a few ideas and tips on how we can engage, equip, and empower parents in our church as they seek to love and lead their teens.

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    Chris Sasser (Sass) has served kids, students, and families in full-time church ministry for over twenty-five years. He is the Pastor of Family Ministries at Port City Community Church in Wilmington, North Carolina, overseeing the ministries for kids from birth through high school and their parents. Sass has a true passion for equipping and encouraging parents and leaders to help the next generation walk with God. He lives out this passion by serving families, churches, children’s pastors, and youth workers worldwide as a podcast host, the founder of, a lead consultant for Ministry Architects, and the Content and Brand Strategist for YM360’s Chris is married to Karin, and they have two children, CJ and Kylie. You can connect with Sass through Instagram @csasser, Facebook through @equipandencourage, on Twitter @equip_encourage, and at the website




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