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Turkey Drop

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Turkey Drop is a Thanksgiving themed version of our popular game, Donut Drop. Think Plinko with turkeys. Just have your students call out, “DROP!” and hit the spacebar. Watch at the turkey bounces around and hope that it lands in a pan at the bottom. If your students are able to get three turkeys in a pan, they’re the winners. This is a super easy, no-step game that’s perfect for the Thanksgiving season. 

What makes this a premium game?

Premium games are those that you can play over and over again as the outcomes of our premium games are never the same! Watch the video to the left to learn all about how this premium game works. Games that are "one and done" are a part of our Classic Game catalog and those can be seen here.

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  • Instructions
  • Getting Started: 

    • Just hit the spacebar to drop a turkey. If you want to slow down time, hit the enter key on your keyboard. When you want to return to normal speed, hit the enter key again. That's it! Super easy! 


    • Like most (if not all) of our games, you can make up the rules and gameplay. Here's how a basic game would work: Select a few students to compete. One by one, have them yell, "Drop!" when they want their turkey to drop. Just have the person, who is operating the computer, hit the spacebar. The small pan is worth 10 points. The two medium pans are worth 5 points each. Finally, the two large pans are worth 3 points each. Allow each student to drop 3 turkeys. The person with the most points wins! 
    • Note: The more turkeys on the floor means the better chance someone has to make theirs in a pan. So, you can either allow each person to drop 3 turkeys, but everyone has to take turns dropping one turkeys at a time, or you can have someone drop their three turkeys, add up their score, then hit "r" on the keyboard to clear the turkeys for the next person. Otherwise, the person, who is last to drop their turkeys, will have a huge advantage over other turkey droppers. Another note: Just like in real life, carrying too many turkeys at once will slow you down. For the best performance, avoid having more than 10 turkeys bouncing around at the same time.