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"The Lost Trilogy" Script


"These are more than stories, they are reminders of God’s heart for the lost. He cares deeply that when even one is dead in their sins, they would come to know the goodness of God.”

The Lost Trilogy is a light-hearted re-telling of the parable of the Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin, and the Lost Son. The actors perform as narrators, storytellers, and characters that creatively portray the story of each parable. Each parable points to God’s heart for the lost and the celebration that occurs when the lost are found. 

  • By: Terrance Jackson & J. Roger Davis
  • Length: approximately 8 minutes 
  • Actor Needs: 3 actors
  • Theme Verses: Luke 15
  • Downloadable PDF
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The Lost Trilogy

The Lost Trilogy

Download a sample of The Lost Trilogy.

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