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Three Free Five-Minute Summer Countdown Videos


For July’s Freebie Friday, the team at YM360 is on a mission to help you keep those summer spirits high by offering you not one, not two, but THREE sizzling hot and 100% FREE five-minute summer countdowns. Don’t get burned by using those same old tired, and worn-out countdown videos this summer. Instead, turn up the heat by using one of these scorchers to kick off your next weekend service, mid-week gathering, parent meeting, leader training, summer camp, or event with style.

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  • About This Free Resource
  • Overview: 

    Summer is in full swing, and you’re already feeling the heat of your next youth ministry gathering that’s coming up. Whether it’s a weekend service, mid-week gathering, parent meeting, leader training, or a summer camp/event, the last thing you want to do is to get burnt by showing a countdown video that you’ve already used multiple times. What you need are some fresh video countdowns to turn up the sizzle, engage your participants, and build anticipation for the start. The problem is that you’ve already picked YouTube clean during the school year. Sure, you could buy countdowns or spend time making your own, but the ROI on your money or time needed for these options just isn’t worth it. No need to kick sand this summer because YM360 has got you covered! We’ve created three FREE five-minute countdown videos for you to use this summer. Download these FREE summer-themed countdowns and kick off your next summer service, mid-week gathering, meeting, training, or camp/event in style!

    Using The Resource In Your Ministry:

    • Download all three FREE five-minute summer countdown videos.
    • Load them into your presentation software of choice. 
    • Use them to kick off your next summer service, gathering, meeting, training, or event in style!

    What's Included? Three summer-themed countdown videos. Each countdown is five minutes in length.