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Gift Your Graduates 🎓 Grad Packs are Now Available!

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Youth Ministry Game: Build A Burger


For July’s Freebie Friday, the game chefs at YM360 have ordered up a FREE youth ministry game that is simple, easy to play, customizable to your group size, and sure to become a favorite for your students!

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  • About This Free Resource
  • Overview: When it comes to creating fun and excitement in youth ministry, the game chefs at YM360 have been in the kitchen cooking up the perfect recipe for a “whopper” of a new upfront game that will have your students coming back for more! We started with a heaping helping of team competition along with two tablespoons of easy-to-play. Next, we mixed in equal parts of fun, excitement, laughs, and a splash of controlled chaos. Then, we added a sprinkle of “this is crazy!” Finally, as a cherry on top to make it absolutely irresistible to youth workers, we made it 100% FREE!

    In Build A Burger, teams will face off in a race against the clock and against one another, stacking themselves as the active ingredients used to create a unique burger order. Only the team that can work together with the speed and efficiency needed to be the first to correctly complete the most burger orders coming in from the Build A Burger Chef can claim the title of Build A Burger champion! 

    Using The Guide In Your Ministry:

    • Download the FREE Build A Burger game guide and slides.
    • Use the Build A Burger game guide to learn about gameplay and to gather the simple and easy-to-find game materials.
    • Upload the premade Build A Burger game slides into your presentation software of choice.
    • Utilize the premade Build A Burger orders or create some burger orders of your own.
    • Call out those Build A Burger orders, and find out what team is the Big Mac of your youth ministry!  

    What's Included? Game Guide, Supply List, Visual Slides, Clean and Messy Game Versions