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Youth Ministry Game: Bring me...


For October’s Freebie Friday, the mad geniuses of game science at YM360 labs have formulated yet another FREE youth ministry game that is simple, easy to play, customaizable to your group size, and sure to become a favorite for your students! Are you ready to Bring Me...?

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  • About This Free Resource
  • Overview: When it comes to creating fun and excitement in youth ministry, the mad geniuses of game science at YM360 have been back in the lab formulating a game that is the perfect catalyst for creating a combustion reaction of participation and fun with your students each and every time you play! We started with the abundant element of team competition along with some uncommon isotopes of easy-to-play. Next, we mixed in a few isomers of fun, excitement, laughs, and a molecule of controlled chaos. Then, we turned up the reaction rate just a bit with some "this is crazy!" Finally, to ensure that our covalent bonds were hold and be absolutely irresistible to youth workers, we made it 100% FREE!

    Bring a highly competitive all-play game that pits teams against one another in a battle of speed and teamwork to see which can be the first to deliver an item when requested. Only the team that can work together with the speed and efficiency needed to be the first to correctly complete the most Bring Me...requests can say they truly bring it!

    Using The Guide In Your Ministry:

    • Download the FREE Bring Me... game guide and slides.
    • Use the Bring Me... game guide to learn about gameplay, gather the simple and easy-to-find game materials, and build your list of requests.
    • Upload the premade Bring Me... game slides into your presentation software of choice.
    • Utilize the premade Bring Me... requests or create reqeusts of your own.
    • Call out those Bring Me... requests, and find out what team in your youth ministry can truly bring it! 

    What's Included? Game Guide, Supply List, Sample Bring Me...lists, and Visual Slides