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All Aboard The YM360 Plus Bus | A 52-week Youth Ministry Strategy
All Aboard The YM360 Plus Bus | A 52-week Youth Ministry Strategy

As a youth ministry leader, you face unique challenges and obstacles that often leave you feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, or uncertain about how to proceed. And when you're exhausted, stressed out, stretched thin, and keep hitting roadblocks or problems you aren't sure how to navigate, you start to feel stuck in your current circumstance, which leads to settling for less and tolerating what's not really working.

But you don't have to stay there!

Maybe it's time to invite someone outside of your current circumstance to look at your life, leadership, and ministry with fresh eyes and a new perspective. Maybe it’s time to consider making an investment in yourself and those you lead.

That’s where YM360X comes in!

offers you a way to get unstuck by taking action and moving forward toward your preferred future through one-on-one coaching. Our youth ministry coaching is specifically designed to help youth pastors like you improve their skills, gain confidence, implement accountability, and start moving forward to become the person and ministry leader you were created to be. Our experienced coaches are all youth ministry veterans who can provide you with the personalized guidance and support you need to identify and overcome obstacles, improve your communication and leadership skills, and develop a plan for success in your unique ministry context.


With YM360X, you'll gain access to valuable resources, practical tools, and proven strategies that will help you reach and engage students, inspire and train volunteer leaders, equip and partner with parents, build and maintain trust with church leadership, and develop a plan for growth and sustainability in your ministry.

But that's not all— YM360X is not just about improving your ministry; it's about improving yourself as a leader and follower of Jesus Christ. Our one-on-one coaches can help you identify and overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors, improve your communication and decision-making skills, and provide you with spiritual accountability and soul care.


Leading in youth ministry doesn't have to be synonymous with survival mode. So, if you're ready to take yourself and your youth ministry to the next level and become the best youth pastor you can be, then YM360X is the perfect investment for you!


Sign up for YM360X one-on-one coaching today and unlock your full potential as a leader! Together, we can get you on the road from where you are to where you want to be. The question is—what do you want to accomplish?


Eric Foshee

For over 17 years, Eric has served as the student pastor as well as shared the role of teaching pastor at CrossRoads Moss Bluff ( During his time at CrossRoads, he has been able to develop a student-led, student-fed student ministry. He has an apostolic vision and is passionate about pouring into generations to come. After years of developing student leadership, God led Eric to start mentoring and coaching other student pastors and youth leaders, and he started Foshee Leadership Coaching ( Eric’s heartbeat is to serve and support the local church, wherever “local” may be, and he believes the words leadership and discipleship are interchangeable; where Christian leaders are developing leaders, they are creating and empowering disciples who make disciples.  


Eric grew up in Moss Bluff, and after his time in the United States Marine Corps, he returned home and is now privileged to minister in the same middle school, high school, and college he attended. He believes there’s a lot to be said for longevity! He is an avid baseball fan and has coached the game at a variety of levels and different teams. He can oftentimes be found watching a random baseball game on TV just because “there’s a baseball game on.”


He and his wife, Holly, believe in a family on mission lifestyle and, along with their two children, want to see a generation changed by the gospel, discipled in the gospel, empowered to lead through the gospel, and change the world.


Twitter: @ericdfoshee

Instagram: @fosheeleadership

Facebook: @fosheeleadership

Linkedin: @ericfoshee


Coaching Specialties: leadership, volunteers, discipleship, discipleship strategy, parents/family ministry, integration of students into the larger church, teenage trends  


Kevin Libick

Kevin Libick is a student ministry veteran of over twenty-five years, a ministry coach, a cancer survivor, and a true believer in the TCU Hypnotoad. Kevin loves to help other youth workers last longer in ministry and be better leaders. Currently, he oversees the multi-site middle school team at Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth, TX. He is a certified youth ministry coach through the National Association of Youth Ministry Certification. When not doing ministry, Kevin loves to spend time with his wife, Kara and son, Knox, and hunting down the best BBQ all over Texas.

 Twitter/Instagram: @KevinLibick
Facebook: @klibick

Coaching Specialties: staff leadership and development, middle school and preteen ministry, multisite ministry, teaching competency, small group ministry, discovering your calling, self-leadership, and volunteer leader teams

Jon Mahlstedt

Jon Mahlstedt serves as Pastor of Next Gen and Teaching Pastor at Northbrook Church in Richfield, WI. Jon has been in youth ministry for 17 years, the last 12 of those being at Northbrook.

Jon believes he owes much of his longevity in youth ministry to the mentors and coaches he has been fortunate enough to learn from along the way. Now he enjoys walking alongside other youth pastors and helping them thrive in life and ministry. He became a Certified Youth Ministry Coach through the National Association of Youth Ministry Certification in 2020 because of his desire to walk with other youth pastors.

Jon attended Evangel University where he received his Bachelor of Biblical Studies (‘07) and Sioux Falls Seminary where he earned a Masters in Christian Leadership (‘20).

When he’s not coaching or at Northbrook you’ll find Jon hanging out with his wife Shalanna and their three kids, running, playing pickleball, or enjoying a great cup of coffee with a new book.

Instagram:@jon_mahlstedtFacebook: @Jon.Mahlstedt

Coaching Specialties: leadership, student leader teams, soul health, teaching/preaching, developing volunteers/staff, mission/strategy, ministry alignment, teenage culture/adolescent development, small group/discipleship strategy, ministry programming/calendaring, staff/organizational development, integration of youth into the larger church

Todd Pearage

Todd Pearage is a youth ministry veteran with over 26 years of experience serving and leading ministries in churches of various sizes and denominations. He and his wife, Lynda, serve as Field Shepherds with Standing Stone Ministries and together created a ministry specifically for youth pastors and spouses called The Youth Leader Oasis.

Born and raised in Scranton, PA, Todd attended Cairn University in Langhorne, PA, where he and Lynda met. They both graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Bible in May of 1995 and got married later that year in October. They have three amazing children named Brianna, Caleb, and Addyson.

Todd considers himself a “Youth Ministry Lifer,” and while he is no longer ordering pizzas or attending lock-ins, he is passionate about supporting, coaching, and caring for youth pastors all over the country. He genuinely believes that healthy youth pastors lead healthy youth ministries.

Todd received his coaching certification through CBMC. He speaks at churches, camps, and training events throughout the year and has created over 50 resources for Download Youth Ministry. He is also the co-host of the Youth Ministry Soul Keeper Podcast.

When Todd is not working with youth pastors, you can find him cheering on his beloved teams from Pittsburgh or watching a great movie.

Twitter: @ToddPearage or @ymsoulkeeper Instagram: @Youthleaderoasis

Coaching Specialties: church hurt, staff relationships, burnout, mission/strategy, ministry programming/calendaring, developing volunteers/staff, integration of youth into the larger church

Kerry Ray

Kerry Ray serves as Director of Publishing for YM360. Prior to joining YM360, Kerry was a youth ministry veteran with over 27 years of experience serving and leading ministries in churches of various sizes, denominations, and multi-site strategies.

After nearly three decades immersed in all things youth ministry, Kerry is quick to tell you that he still finds immeasurable joy and life in every opportunity he has to engage teenagers and youth workers, whether that be in the form of camp/retreat speaking, writing, content creating, coaching youth workers, developing young leaders, enlightening parents on adolescent development, church consulting, or training youth ministry volunteer teams.

Born and raised in Mississippi, Kerry attended Mississippi State University, Mississippi College, and Samford University. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Mississippi College (‘98) and a Master of Divinity from Beeson Divinity School of Samford University (‘01). Kerry received his coaching certification through the Center for Advanced Coaching (‘16) and is also a certified HomeWord Trainer of Parent/Family Seminars and Trainor of Trainers through Dr. Jim Burns and Azusa Pacific University (‘19). In addition, he has spent over seven years as a 1-on-1 Ministry Coach, individually and in partnership with The Youth Cartel, for numerous youth pastors, senior pastors, and ministry leaders across the country and of various denominations.

When asked where his allegiance lies, he won’t hesitate to tell you that he is a long-suffering yet faithful and proud cowbell-ringing MSU Bulldog (#HailState). Kerry and his wife Stefanie live in Birmingham with their two children.

Twitter: @Kray2U
Instagram: @Kray2U
Facebook: @Kray2U

Coaching Specialties: mission/strategy, ministry alignment, teenage culture/adolescent development, small group/discipleship strategy, developing volunteers/staff, ministry programming/calendaring, staff/organizational development, integration of youth into the larger church

Chris Sasser

Chris Sasser (Sass) has served kids, students, and families in full-time church ministry for over twenty-five years. He is the Pastor of Family Ministries at Port City Community Church in Wilmington, North Carolina, overseeing the ministries for kids from birth through high school and their parents. Sass has a true passion for equipping and encouraging parents and leaders to help the next generation walk with God. He lives out this passion by serving families, churches, children’s pastors, and youth workers worldwide as a podcast host, the founder of, a lead consultant for Ministry Architects, and the Content and Brand Strategist for YM360’s Chris is married to Karin, and they have two children, CJ and Kylie.

Twitter: @equip_encourage
Instagram: @csasser
Facebook: @equipandencourage

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my YM360 Coach. Our coaching sessions allowed me to think about things from a different perspective and gain some wisdom from someone who has been doing ministry for a long time. My YM360 Coach helped me think practically about some steps to take as we begin to build a stronger family ministry here at our church. Additionally, my Coach was one of the most encouraging people I've met. I felt like we'd known each other for years, and I am thankful to have gained a friend in ministry! I'm 37, and I've been in ministry for almost 20 years, and this was extremely beneficial for me. You're never too old and have never been at it too long to learn more! YM360 Coaching was a great benefit for me."