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Frequently Asked Questions

Do these games work on a second display?

They sure do! If you have a second display plugged in, it will be detected automatically. When you launch a game, it will always go into fullscreen on the secondary display.

How do I get these games to run inside my presentation software?

Like your presentation software, G4YM games are standalone apps. That means they run alongside your presentation software as opposed to inside. Just launch a game and it will take over your screen. Click the launch toggle switch again and the game will give the screen back to your presentation software.

I’m launching the game and it’s not taking over the screen.

Some presentation software (like ProPresenter) have a default setting that prevents other apps from accidentally taking control of the screen. Just hop into your presentation software’s settings and uncheck/disable the setting that says something like, “Make top window” or “Don’t allow other programs to share the screen”.

Can I run more than one game at a time?

Yep! Just open and setup whichever games that you want to use. When you're ready to show them, just click the 'Launch' button. You can have multiple games launched at the same time. Using the 'Show' button on a game will bring it to the front. Using the 'Hide' button will move it to the back and will bring the screen behind it to the front.

Can I run these games with an internet connection?

Yes! No internet connection is required for these games!

What can I do if I’m having issues installing a game or the game is crashing?

Our games run on top of a platform called, Air. Air is basically software that runs in the background and allows our games to do things like connect to your screens and handle mouse and keyboard input. If you have any issues like crashing, not loading, not installing, etc, the best way to fix it is to reinstall Air. Just download and run the installer below to install a fresh version of Air:

Windows PC: 


I still have questions, who can I talk with?

There’s a little white box in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on that and it will connect you with our amazing support team!