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[Video Training] Creating Parenting Rockstars


You know the disappointment of planning a parenting event for your ministry and having few, if any, parents bothering to attend. You watch as the parents in your church sit on the spiritual sidelines of their teenagers. You feel the frustration as parents respond to the cultural tides their teens face with fear, anger, and resentment. The easy path for you is to step in and become the disciple-maker of the teenagers in your church. The most rewarding path, however, is to find a way to inspire parents to do it. But how do you do that? Our session together will give you the tools you need to equip, encourage, and empower the parents (grandparents and guardians) of the teenagers in your church. And learning how to leverage these tools will help you to leave a legacy of impact that will last long after you are gone.

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    Brian has been working full-time with families since 1993 as a Youth Pastor, Camp Director, School Administrator, and most recently as the Director of 360Family in Memphis, TN. He has had the privilege of speaking at more than 300 conferences and countless churches, schools, camps, and military bases. He has led student and parent programs from coast to coast as well as several international locations. While Brian’s specialty is creating parenting and family events, he still speaks at multiple summer camps and D-Now events each year. Brian is a prolific writer for parenting magazines, most notably Parenting Teenagers, Homeschooling Today, and Parent Life. He has written four books: How You Always Meant to Parent, Engaging Your Teen’s World, Tech Savvy Parenting, and Raising Responsible Teens in a Digital World. Brian has been featured as a “parenting expert” (whatever that is) on more than sixty radio shows and TV programs including FOX, ABC, and NBC affiliates. Brian and his wife Mona are officially empty nesters and live in Chattanooga, TN. You can keep up with Brian and all he has going on on Instagram (@brianhousman), on Twitter (@BWHousman), and online at




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