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Youth Ministry Strategy Bundle

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The Youth Ministry Strategy Bundle will give you best practices on teaching the Bible for you and your adult leaders, leading parent meetings, assembling a budget, navigating risk, discipling teenagers, and more.

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The 7 Best Practices for Teaching Teenagers the Bible

Leading teenagers closer to God is what being a youth worker is all about. What's the most effective way to do this? By teaching them the Bible.

The Bible is God's main way of making Himself and His ways known. Your effectiveness at leading students closer to God is tied to your ability to effectively teach the Bible. But, teaching the Bible doesn't have to be intimidating.

The 7 Best Practices for Teaching Teenagers the Bible offers you seven ultra-practical and deeply meaningful "practices" you can use to help teach the Bible in a transformative and dynamic way.

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In Youth Ministry For The Longer Haul: A Field Guide For Longevity, youth ministry veteran and author Chris Trent passes along over three decades of hard-earned advice, knowledgeable insights, and practical wisdom. Chris knows firsthand the value of ministry mentors. And throughout the pages of this book, he mentors you, the reader, so that you too can experience success in navigating the pathway to longevity in youth ministry.

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Disciple: The Ordinary Person’s Guide To Discipling Teenagers

You want to lead students to be more like Christ. In a word, you want them to become disciples. The question is, how do you go about doing it? 

Disciple: The Ordinary Person's Guide to Discipling Teenagers is a practical, down-to-earth guide for leading teenagers to pursue Christ. No matter if you're a veteran or new to youth ministry, Disciple will help challenge and equip you to get serious about disciplemaking.

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Protect: A Youth Worker's Guide to Navigating Risk

Youth ministry has matured since the days of Chubby Bunny and the egg-and-armpit relay. On one hand, there is an excellent opportunity to challenge an information-rich generation to consider the life-changing claims of Christ. But on the other, there are significant challenges to how we do ministry in an increasingly dangerous world.

Protect: A Youth Worker's Guide to Navigating Risk reignites the discussion on risk management in youth ministry. Written by youth ministry veterans Dr. Jody Dean and Dr. Allen Jackson, it covers vetting volunteers, counseling considerations, social media policies, mandatory reporting, trip concerns, and much more.

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