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YM360 Ultimate Grad Pack

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The YM360 Ultimate Grad Pack will help your students continue to grow in their faith long after they have graduated high school. It includes: 

  • Next: Growing a Faith that Lasts Student Devotional
  • (EXTRA)Ordinary: 365 Ordinary Moments with an Anything-But-Ordinary God
  • Facing Your Fears: A 40-Day Devotional

*Every bundle includes a graduation card for your graduating senior!

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Next: Growing a Faith That Lasts

How can students take their faith to the next level? What if they–not their parents, grandparents, or youth minister–had the most ownership in their faith life? Next: Growing a Faith That Lasts will help teenagers specifically do this.

Next helps students lay a foundation of a faith that will last long into their adult life. It will help them know why it's so important to own their faith. It will also help them think about their purpose and influence, as well as equipping them to practice next-level habits necessary to grow a meaningful faith.

Encourage students to be serious about their lives as a Christ-follower by starting the four-week Next: Growing a Faith That Lasts devotional experience.

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(EXTRA)Ordinary: 365 Ordinary Moments With an Anything-But-Ordinary God 

Your students know that having a daily time hanging out with God and His Word is important. But most daily devotions are too intimidating. If they miss a day occasionally, suddenly they're way off track. 

(EXTRA)Ordinary fits your students' unique schedules by dividing the 365 devotions into three sections: Ordinary Times, Crazy Times, and Holiday Times. They can choose where they want to start each day based on how they feel. And each day, they will come face-to-face with God through these Biblically-centered devotions.

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Facing Your Fears: A 40-Day Devotional

What do you fear? What is it that keeps your from being all the God has called you to be? Is it insecurity? Do you doubt yourself? Do you fear rejection? Maybe you don’t feel like you matter very much. Or maybe you’re living under the weight of unrealistic expectations. 

Facing Your Fears is all about allowing the Lord to reveal where fear has taken hold of your life and putting an end to these strongholds. In this 40-day devotional, Bethany Barr Phillips, a Mississippi native and full-time worship leader, brings together years of mentoring others (as well as walking her own path of facing fear) to craft a powerful, Scripture-driven experience.

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Next Student Devotional

Next Student Devotional

Download a sample of Next: Growing a Faith That Lasts student devotional.

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Download a sample of (EXTRA)Ordinary: 365 Ordinary Moments With an Anything-But-Ordinary God.

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Facing Your Fears

Facing Your Fears

Download a sample of Facing Your Fears: A 40-Day Devotional.

Download Sample (PDF)