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17 Themed Studies to Choose From!


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Bible Studies Proven to Make an Impact

Bible Study Curriculum by YM360 is trusted by thousands of Youth Workers to impact their students with Jesus-Centered, Bible-Based, Easy-to-Use, and Amazing Priced Sunday School Curriculum.


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  • Kairos: Learning to Keep God's Time


    Kairos: is a four-session sermon series that will challenge your students to set aside “tick-tock” time to engage God intentionally and expect Him to break into their lives in timeless ways. By examining four stories of Jesus, this series will encourage your students to look beyond what sits immediately in front of them so they can see that God’s will, goodness, and grace are always working beneath the surface, setting up a framework designed to propel their lives deeper into His Kingdom.

  • Idols: Putting God Back on the Throne


    Idols is a four-session sermon series that will challenge your students’ idea that idols are merely ancient statues that have no power over our lives. This series will explain to your students that, even though they may not look like they used to, many idols are still at work today. Idols will equip your students with the tools they need to recognize and identify the idols in their lives and give them the steps to reorient their lives to God.

  • Babylon: Following Jesus In A Foreign Land


    BABYLON: is a four-session sermon series that will help your students understand that as they follow Jesus, their liveswill look drastically different than the world around them. Students will learn what it looks like to stand strong in their faith even when they are faced with all the world’s temptations, and they will be better prepared to live for God in our modern-day Babylon.

  • One Charge: Lessons In Kingdom From The Life Of Joseph


    One Charge: is a four-session sermon series that will explore four separate parts of the life of Joseph. This series will challenge your students’ perspectives on power, authority, and their responsibilities in the Kingdom of God. They will learn that God has much more planned for their lives than they think and will be better equipped to handle the weight of God-given authority.

  • Smoke: God's Present-Tense Presence


    SMOKE: a four-session sermon series, will explore four incredible Old Testament stories where God interacted with His people through smoke and fire. This series will challenge your students to step into God’s presence, power, provision, and priority. As they stare into the smoke and see how God reveals Himself, their hearts will be set on fire by God’s present-tense presence

  • Warrior: Putting On The Whole Armor of God


    WARRIOR: a four-session sermon series that will help your students better understand and be prepared for the spiritual battle that rages all around us. Students will learn that, as followers of Jesus, we are all warriors in a daily high stakes spiritual battle, but we can have confidence because Jesus has already won the war. In addition, they’ll learn to understand and utilize the different pieces of spiritual armor God has gifted us to fight this battle so that we can experience victory in Jesus.

  • Four Letter Words: Learning To Make More Of Jesus And Less Of Ourselves


    Four-Letter Words: Learning To Make More Of Jesus And Less Of Ourselves, a four-session sermon series, will challenge your students to shift their perspective on the priorities in their life and ask the questions: What could our faith look like if we actively put Jesus in the number one spot in our life? What could God do in us and through us if we began placing everything we want secondary to everything God wants for us?

  • Seven Letters: A Message From Jesus To His People


    Seven Letters is a four-session sermon series that will call your students to carefully examine their current spiritual life and walk with Jesus. By walking through the letters to the seven churches in Revelation, your students will be challenged to see the potential dangers in their lives and equipped to overcome them to grow in their faith.

  • Good News, Great Joy, All People


    Good News, Great Joy, All People is a five-session sermon series that will challenge your students’ perspectives of what Christmas is all about. By slowing down and studying in depth the angel’s message to the shepherds, your students will come to learn that Christmas is more than a one-night event. It’s the long-awaited fulfillment of God’s promise to His people. Your students will be encouraged to see the arrival of Jesus as the only thing that brings freedom from fear, great joy, and good news to all people. 

  • Little Sins: Zooming In On A Big Problem


    Little Sins is a four-session sermon series that will confront your students’ misbelief that there are such things as “little” sins. By discussing four sins they are sometimes tempted to see as less severe than others, Little Sins will challenge your students to see all sins as equally destructive and urge them to love God and their neighbor more sincerely.


First, let me say I really enjoy using my YM360 curriculum with our students. The studies don't shy away from the tough subjects but are also super relatable for our students. The organization of the lessons and helpful tips is a huge asset to our teachers as well. They allow our teachers who don't have a seminary degree to feel comfortable teaching the Bible.


Thank you for the teachings you provide. Our youth have been growing deeper and deeper each week! Through doing these teachings, I have watched as our leaders, as well as the youth, have matured in Christ, and it has been great to watch! The youth come each week ready to learn which has been so encouraging to me as a leader.


Let me say that my leaders (and students) are really enjoying our YM360 Bible study series. Its really practical and my leaders are finding it easy to teach!