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Youth Ministry Back-to-School Resources are HERE.
Youth Ministry Back-to-School Resources are HERE.

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Finding and purchasing Gospel-centered youth ministry resources for the upcoming school year shouldn't be hard. We've Made It Easy.


Bible Study Designed to Make an Impact

Bible Study Curriculum by YM360 is trusted by thousands of Youth Workers to impact their students with Jesus-Centered, Bible-Based, Easy-to-Use, and Amazing Priced Sunday School Curriculum.


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    How to Be a Man: Three Book Set [Adult Edition]

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    Current Price $39.99

    How To Be A Man: Three Book Set [Adult Edition] is a collection of 40-day devotional experiences that will challenge men to a more passionate pursuit of growing in to the man God is calling them to be.

    Original Price $44.97
    Current Price $39.99
    Save 11%
  • Wake Up: Rediscovering A Passion for God and the Bible [Adult Edition]

    from $12.99
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    Wake Up: Rediscovering A Passion for God and the Bible is a 31-day devotional experience designed to unlock the Bible for Christ-followers. Every day in Wake Up teaches you a different way of meeting with God in the Bible. Some feed your head. Some feed your heart. Some lead you to reflect. Some lead you to act. But every moment is designed to help you rediscover your joy for God and for meeting Him in His Word.

    from $12.99
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    How to Be a Man: Learning From The Real Men Of The Bible [Adult Edition]

    from $14.99
    as low as $11.99

    How To Be A Man: Learning From Real Men Of The Bible [Adult Edition] is a 40-day devotional experience that uses the lives of eight men of the Bible as an example and challenges men to live a life of impact and influence, changing the world around them for the sake of the Gospel.

    from $14.99
  • A Parent's Guide To Understanding Teenage Girls


    A Parent's Guide to Understanding Teenage Girls will offer wisdom, insight, and encouragement for parents to respond well, react wisely, and engage effectively. Explore the major changes of adolescence, the influence of parents and friends, the onslaught of feelings and how to respond, and the significance of celebrating milestones in a girl's life.

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    Understanding Your Young Teen: Practical Wisdom for Parents


    Understanding Your Young Teen: Practical Wisdom for Parents offers insights on early adolescent development, new research and cultural changes, and practical applications for parenting and living with young teens. Parents of young teens are presented with new challenges in understanding, communicating with and parenting their kids during this time in their lives.


First, let me say I really enjoy using my YM360 curriculum with our students. The studies don't shy away from the tough subjects but are also super relatable for our students. The organization of the lessons and helpful tips is a huge asset to our teachers as well. They allow our teachers who don't have a seminary degree to feel comfortable teaching the Bible.


Thank you for the teachings you provide. Our youth have been growing deeper and deeper each week! Through doing these teachings, I have watched as our leaders, as well as the youth, have matured in Christ, and it has been great to watch! The youth come each week ready to learn which has been so encouraging to me as a leader.


Let me say that my leaders (and students) are really enjoying our YM360 Bible study series. Its really practical and my leaders are finding it easy to teach!



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