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All Aboard The YM360 Plus Bus | A 52-week Youth Ministry Strategy
All Aboard The YM360 Plus Bus | A 52-week Youth Ministry Strategy

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Shake it Out

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Shake It Out is a blast! Just grab some contestants and have them shake ping pong balls out of tissue boxes that are strapped around their waists. The first person to shake out all of their ping pong balls before the clock runs out is the winner. The app has a customizable countdown clock with digital ping pong balls that fall when you hit letter keys on your keyboard. 

What makes this a premium game?

Premium games are those that you can play over and over again as the outcomes of our premium games are never the same! Watch the video to the left to learn all about how this premium game works. Games that are "one and done" are a part of our Classic Game catalog and those can be seen here.

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  • Instructions
  • Getting Started: 

    • In this game, you'll have multiple students on stage wearing 'fanny-pack-type' boxes around their waists. The boxes are filled with ping pong balls. The students will have one minute (or whatever you set the clock to), to shake until all of the ping pong balls fall out. The easiest way to make the boxes is to get rectangular tissue boxes that open from the top. Just remove the tissues and cut off the plastic film from the opening. Then use rope or duct tape to fashion a fanny pack with the opening of the box facing outward. In the end, you should end up with a box that can be quickly strapped around someone's waist with the opening facing outward (i.e. to the side, not up). The best way to do this is to have your contestants setup and ready to go before the game. 
    • The moment is quickly killed when you're trying to set everything up on stage. Also, test how many ping pong balls should be in each box. If it's packed too tight, nothing will fall out. Each box should be filled with the same number of balls. 


    • In the game's dashboard, set your clock to however long you'd like. One minute is usually a good number for this game. However, it's good to test it with volunteers beforehand to get an idea of how long it takes. It all depends of the size of the boxes and the number of balls. 
    • Once you're ready to go, bring your students on stage and explain that they'll have one minute to shake all of the ping pong balls out of their boxes. The winner is either the first person to have an empty box, or the person who has the least about of balls left over after the timer runs out. 
    • Start the clock and enjoy the madness. The person running the computer can also hit any letter key on the keyboard to drop digital ping pong balls onto the clock for added fun. 
    • Once the timer runs out, line everyone up and expect the boxes. It's fun to go one at a time and have the audience count with you while you hold up each ball. The winner gets a year's supply of ping pong balls that they can pick up off the floor. 
      • NOTE: If you want to goof on someone, add some clear tape over their box's opening :)