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A Youth Worker plays a crucial role in guiding and supporting the spiritual growth of their youth group seniors. As these seniors graduate and move on to the next stage of their lives, a memorable and helpful Graduation Gift from their Youth Worker can serve as a reminder of the guidance and lessons learned during their time in the youth group.

Additionally, a practical gift can also help these seniors as they embark on their new journey, whether going onto college or for their future careers. Ultimately, a thoughtful Graduation Gift from their Youth Ministry can serve as a symbol of appreciation, encouragement, and support for these young adults as they navigate their next steps in life.

Select your gifts from the YM360 collection below, and we will ship them to you immediately! If you have any questions, you can connect with us at 888.969.6360 or by using the Live Chat right here on this page.

Graduation Gifts

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    (EXTRA)Ordinary: 365 Ordinary Moments with an Anything-But-Ordinary God

    from $21.99

    (EXTRA)Ordinary: 365 Ordinary Moments with an Anything-But-Ordinary God is a year-long devotional journal your students will actually want to read. Divided into three sections, students can go in any order based on their unique life circumstances. But, each day they will come face-to-face with God in these biblically-centered devotions.

    from $21.99